My handmade Boston Tweed Handbag Part 2

I went back to finish my bag making course today, it was hard work! It was actually really tiring doing a 10 – 4 class, more tiring than a day with a toddler, a work or uni day, and that was really surprising as I normally find craft really relaxing, but this nearly finished me off!

I am utterly delighted with the results though, this tweed fabric colourway is perfect for with my winter parka and really retro which is just right up my street! I like the simple leather straps, they were the hardest part to do actually, I really struggled with the rivets but got there in the end, it also has rivet feet and a hard plastic base to give it a good solid shape.


I am a massive fan of the doctor bag, I like a structured handbag so when the instructor said we’d be using a frame I was really pleased. It’s a little different to what I thought I had signed up for, I imagined an introduction course being about basic sewing, a tote or shopper perhaps, but I’m over the moon with this!


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