Frustrated by crochet…

I am not good at crochet, I am a perfectionist but cannot achieve perfection with this and so I’ve put away my hook and yarn for the night and indulged in a spot of collage. One £1 canvas and a blog search later I remembered seeing a post on Make, Do and Push and in keeping with a similar theme I used more papers from this month’s Papercrafter to create a collage. Hannah’s lovely tutorial can be found here

I have three canvases left so I feel a group coming on to fill some bare space in Jossy’s room.


In other news, I saw the ONS data on baby names 2012, just two other girl Joss’ in 2012 and 11 boys!! If you’d like to look up the data on your own little one its usually table 6 that all the names are ranked, here

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