When your child eats well your heart will swell!

My goodness Joss has been tucking away these last few weeks! If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I’ve had a few worries about the volume of her food intake and although she’ll try anything she would often refuse whole meals much to my worry and dismay.

They say ‘food before one is for fun’ and we have learned this to be true, at 15m she can communicate so much better that we know what she wants and how she wants to eat it. Big faves include mountains of fruit, pasta and cheese and ham, milk is less favoured but frozen yogurt goes down a treat. There is little more satisfying as a mother than seeing your child enjoying their food, don’t you agree mummy bloggers?!

We’ve learned a lot about trusting Joss’ instincts around food, letting her judge her own portion size and most importantly not worrying about a missed meal as she does catch it up later.

We’ve also learned some tricks, including picnics on the floor to encourage eating more, teaching her words like cheese and milk as she loves to talk, and chatters whilst she eats, occassionally lightening up on having the TV on as this helps her to sit a little longer, and sharing our lunch together to make it a family meal.

Why am I including this in Small Steps Amazing Achievements?

Well she has learned to use a spoon very well this week, and learned the words cheese, milk and water and had her first meal out, at Wagamama tucking into noodles! She’s so well behaved we have no problems with taking her to restaurants and enjoying family time!


A wee and finally, the new Frugi catalogue arrived and I couldn’t resist these little woodland trousers,a tip for cloth bum mums, they’re cut for cloth so well accommodate a big nappy!


One thought on “When your child eats well your heart will swell!

  1. WOW lots of firsts this week and it’s great that you were able to go out for something to eat. I love this saying ‘food before one is for fun’.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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