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Back in March Joss and I received a mammoth package of goodies from Munchkin. I’m a Munchkin Mummy and have been testing and reviewing products with Joss on a regular basis. We’ve blogged about bathing and teething products, this post is all about feeding!

A bit of background to Joss’ feeding is helpful! At five days old Joss was more interested in the world around her than eating, at 14 months old she’s more interested in playing than eating! She’s a petite little lady, eats just enough to sustain her mammoth energy and likes to be very very independent with food! We love our Munchkin highchair, it goes everywhere with us, to the grandparent’s houses for work days and we often dine alfresco and pop outside with the chair. Joss’ ‘I can do it for myself’ approach to food is very, very messy, all toddlers are mucky pups and Joss is no exception but she refuses to be spoon fed and very much baby led weaned, we had no choice!


She loves a good ‘party tea’ small bits of food that can be eaten on the hop to get back to playing; raisins, pancakes, fruit (she’s a fruit bat she eats so much of it), broccoli, cheese batons and avocado are her favourites. Whilst its great that she cracks on and feeds herself we wanted to start introducing some ‘tools of the trade’ so bowls and plates and spoons have slowly started to be introduced. We have Munchkin fish print sets to move on to as she gets older, but for now the suction plates and bowls give her some independence whilst preventing a whole bowl being thrown or tipped by clumsy hands!


Our baby group leader suggested we look for spoons with long handles, she told us to imagine being fed by someone wearing a boxing glove, that is what a baby sees when a big adult hand comes in with a spoon! It made sense, and Munchkin’s soft tip spoons are lovely long spoons with really comfy soft handles for moving on to self-feeding.

Munchkin have kindly given me a big bundle of soft tip spoon sets to give away, I have ten sets for my lovely blog readers. Each pack contains six colourful spoons suitable from weaning plus.


To be in with a chance of winning please:

1) leave a comment on this post telling me your little ones favourite meal.

2) For an extra entry tweet I want to #win a set of Munchkin soft tip spoons with @noblemcsquer from

3) For a third entry follow my blog by email on the left

Closes July 31st 2013 at 12am winners will be notified by email on 1st August and announced here.

UK postal addresses only

48 thoughts on “Munchkin Mummy Giveaway

  1. Hey Angela! Rose eats everything as youknow- though yoghurt is a particular favourite in this heat. Along with sausages and brown sauce. Sometimes all at once- weird child! Joss looks great, really growing up now!

  2. Hello there,
    You have summed up our son to a T! When he was born he wouldn’t eat, at 4 days old he was admitted into hospital turns out due to lack of drinking he had meningitis and a RSV B virus! He too is too independent, wants to feed himself and now at 20 months is full of energy!

    His favourite meal is shepards pie.

    I have tweeted this via my Twitter @Flumplicious and now following you too! I am now following your blog, I’m a newbie blogger too (A day old) and have signed up to your email subscription too. I look forward to getting to know you and your blog some more.

  3. My little lady loves ANYTHING :D makes meal times so much fun , shes only just started weaning so we are experimenting with lots of new food items at the moment but her most food in the whole world is Banana :D

  4. My 2-1/2 year old little boy loves chicken :) and my 7 month old baby girl loves banana’s or banana flavoured purées/yogurts :)

  5. I have just started weaning my baby boy and all you have to say to him is ‘Mini beef Casserole’ and he goes crazy gets all excited lol, I am following your blog, I have never Tweeted before but I’m going to see what it is all about, Thanks for everything

  6. I’m following by email as well I did post before saying my baby boys favourite meal is Mini Beef Casserole hope it worked, thank you for this wonderful giveaway

  7. My little one just loves all food his a little piggy :-) if I had to choose a favourite for him I would say cottage pie x

  8. My little boy loves lentil soup (we make it with lentils,Rice and little spices) He also like bananas and grapes in fruits :)
    All Done! comment,followed on twitter and via email on blog …Thanks x

  9. My little boy loves any snacks made of chicken ( nuggets,kickers,poppers or kebabs) :) He also love bananas and grapes. x

  10. My little one is 7 months, she has been baby led weaned since 6 months with mainly finger food. I only use the spoon for porridge and frozen yoghurt, but I only hold it and she moves my hand towards her mouth. She loves : boiled baby carrot, sticky rice, cucumber sticks, fresh mozzarella slices, toast, banana, grilled cod, roasted chicken, meatballs in tomato, blueberry filled wheats and softened cheerios!

  11. We’re a few weeks away from starting our little boy’s weaning journey so his favourite food at the moment is still boob! Excited about him almost reaching his 6m birthday and the prospects of BLW, but time is passing too quickly!!

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