Munchkin Mummy Review – Disney Click Lock Cup

What better for a girl that likes to explore everything than a spill proof cup?! This week Joss has managed to get into the back of a remote to take the batteries out, opened a mobile phone case to try to make a call and my proudest moment yet, put together her Duplo lego like a pro! This means that she can open most sippy cups too which has made for some interesting (and wet) trips out!

What we really need is to get more Munchkin Click Lock cups, as a Munchkin Mummy I was sent a Winnie The Pooh cup that Joss loves and cannot open no matter how hard she tries!


The soft spout is perfect for teething as it’s chewy and doesn’t hurt her sore gums, and the handles fit little toddler hands really nicely, I think it’s a good size as Joss has a taller cup that gets a bit heavy when full! Here she is very early in the morning looking sleepy enjoying a sip of water before Mammy takes her to the childminder for the day!


All in all a cute, robust and most importantly spill proof cup!

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