What’s the story?

Sunset, July 2011


One of my favourite ever photographs; we live in an urban idyll, just ten minutes out of town by Metro, but by a perfect patch of God’s green land. What could be better when you live in a gardenless flat than having this view on your doorstep. We walk here EVERY evening of the week, rain, snow or shine.

I may have mentioned I’m a worrier, before we ate our marshmallows by this wee campfire one evening I made Alex look up whether there was a possibility that we might be arrested or worse for starting a small fire, I saw it getting out of hand taking with it swathes of trees etc, it didn’t…

Five huge bottles of water and a bit of stamping later (just to make sure it was definately out you see!) we headed for home, stopping by the pub for a cider and smelling suspiciously like smoky bacon crisps! The police have yet to catch up with us, two newlyweds enjoying each others company just two weeks after their wedding, this photograph evokes happy memories of long summer evenings gone.

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