My handmade Boston Tweed Handbag Part 2

I went back to finish my bag making course today, it was hard work! It was actually really tiring doing a 10 – 4 class, more tiring than a day with a toddler, a work or uni day, and that was really surprising as I normally find craft really relaxing, but this nearly finished me off!

I am utterly delighted with the results though, this tweed fabric colourway is perfect for with my winter parka and really retro which is just right up my street! I like the simple leather straps, they were the hardest part to do actually, I really struggled with the rivets but got there in the end, it also has rivet feet and a hard plastic base to give it a good solid shape.


I am a massive fan of the doctor bag, I like a structured handbag so when the instructor said we’d be using a frame I was really pleased. It’s a little different to what I thought I had signed up for, I imagined an introduction course being about basic sewing, a tote or shopper perhaps, but I’m over the moon with this!


Mammy B and the Scarf of Sheer Determination…AKA How to produce Crap Crafts

Mammy B and the Scarf of Sheer Determination...AKA How to produce Crap Crafts

Man, I know exactly where Joss gets that steely look and determined ‘NO’ from, it’s all me!

I decided to crochet her a scarf for winter forward thinking I pinned ideas to my hearts content, starting in August, you know, so it would stand a chance of being ready on time.

I now have three unfinished and very crappy scarves at my feet, the perfectionist in me said oh just try another pattern and you’ll get it right, the lazy get-it-finished quick me said keep going and it’ll all come together…it didn’t. I am not very good at crochet and I have spent quite a lot of money trying to realise my dream.

What I have achieved is something that fairly credibly passes itself as a scarf, in that it is soft and long, but beyond practicality it truly has no redeeming features! And it’s orange, not the mustard yellow I hoped for, but orange.

I’m currently making some flowers to ‘Jazz It Up’ and I think here my crochet journey will end.

I am however clearly good at making gorgeous babies, not 100% my husband will agree that I’m so good at it we should do it again, but look what we made!


Crafting time – canvas quad for less than £10

Crafting time - canvas quad for less than £10

I finished Joss’ 4 canvases today, all with a seaside theme and incorporating photos from her first trip to the coast at South Shields and her first dip in the sea.

Bargain canvases at £4 for 4 and a craft magazine with all the trimmings made this a really cheap and easy activity, kept me busy for a few nights and will make a pretty display in Joss’ room!



Frustrated by crochet…

I am not good at crochet, I am a perfectionist but cannot achieve perfection with this and so I’ve put away my hook and yarn for the night and indulged in a spot of collage. One £1 canvas and a blog search later I remembered seeing a post on Make, Do and Push and in keeping with a similar theme I used more papers from this month’s Papercrafter to create a collage. Hannah’s lovely tutorial can be found here

I have three canvases left so I feel a group coming on to fill some bare space in Jossy’s room.


In other news, I saw the ONS data on baby names 2012, just two other girl Joss’ in 2012 and 11 boys!! If you’d like to look up the data on your own little one its usually table 6 that all the names are ranked, here



Super quick late night crafting, I like to keep my hands busy to keep them out of the biscuit barrel and protect my weightloss! Made with a small cardboard box, pva glue and papers and bits n bobs from the latest Papercrafter mag, I had to have it, I am big into the nautical theme at the moment and the whole crafty pack was all seabirds, anchors and beachhuts!

Crochet bow brooches

I’m really enjoying learning to crochet, but need to practice my basic stitches so I was pleased to find a simple project as I don’t much enjoy practice for the sake of it! The brilliant crochet bow tutorial from Craftiness is not Optional was a simple one hour in front of the TV task (The Returned if you’re interested in what I was watching) – you can find the tutorial here I love step by step pictures so this is great, my Mam tried to help but she doesn’t have the patience to watch me get it wrong, we start off with her helping me hold the work and after about four minutes she’s away hook and yarn flying way to fast for me to keep up!

The end results were cute, not perfect, I want the next one to be a bit nippier in the middle to have a classic bow shape, but these will make a sweet brooch for a plain cardigan, no?


A picture for Daddy


Today we did a spot of finger painting for Father’s Day, I thought Joss did very well to keep herself so clean til I saw the back of her little head was orange!

We’ve stopped handprints for a while because she just grabs and scrumples the paper, but this worked OK, we made a good crafty team!

Work again tomorrow and Friday, it comes around too too fast each week but I’m still so grateful to get the balance between five days with her and two at work, I know financially it can’t continue but its been so lovely to have this precious time, I’m a lucky mama.

Just heard the Joy and Joe woven wrap is headed our way, looking forward to putting it through its paces hopefully this weekend!

Things I like – home, hobbies, lifestyle

I’m mad keen on magazines and beg, buy or borrow all the big glossies, yes, that’s right, ALL! I love to read and am an OU student so its a big contradiction that I’m the geek reading academia whilst sneaking peeks at Vogue and Gurgle! I’m partial to a cup of Twinings Tea whilst I study and since pregnancy have been working my way through their caffeine free selection!

I love vintage, quirky, handcrafted over mass produced but like a few luxury brands, The White Company and Urban Outfitters to name a few

You’ll never , ever see me without makeup, its fun to play with and I love luxury beauty treats. Faves are Lush, VO5, MAC and lately Illamasqua, total guilty pleasure territory? Try Aromatherapy Associates and Lush`s Gorrilla Perfumes

I’ve a penchant for gold jewellery, doctors bags and shoes, being size 9 isn’t easy but its becoming less of a struggle to find fashionable heels!