Shear good luck at Bill Quay Farm

I hate Charlie and Lola; there I’ve said it.

Joss on the other hand loves it, especially the episode Lucky Lucky Me. Herein lies an example of the jarringly poor use of of language that I don’t like:

Lola: Maybe today I’m absolutely the most luckiest person in the whole world. (sings) Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky me-eee-ee


All being said, we’ve seen this so many times that lucky lucky me popped into my head when we were out this week, how lucky is Joss to live 30 seconds walk from an amazing urban farm?

This week the sheep shearer came down to Bill Quay Farm and Joss got to have a good look at the action.

freshly sheared sheep

She said that the wool felt ‘soft and comfy’

toddler sheep shearing

After a brief run in with a goose that was giving the stink eye…


We ended the day with a few wooly pictures made from the fleece!

all's wool that ends wool

One thought on “Shear good luck at Bill Quay Farm

  1. Just want to congratulate everyone on the good work going on at Bill Quay Farm, we lived in Bill Quay for 36 years and from the farm opening always took our grandchildren there. Loved the views and walk along the river to Hebburn. We have moved from Bill Quay, but still pop in whilst we can, I think it’s a great place to bring children. Joan Wardhaugh

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