5 reasons for needing to say sorry to Sarah & Duck

An open letter to Sarah Gomes Harris and Tim O’Sullivan (creators of Sarah and Duck)

Dear Sarah and Tim,

I must apologise for saying that Sarah reminded me of sinister ol’ Salad Fingers, I still find it odd that she’s seven but lives alone with a duck but I can let that slide, I made those comments before my daughter was old enough for me to sit down and watch the show with her and it now has a special place in my heart, in Charlie and Lola style I am extremely absolutely sorry.

sarah and duck

I have turned over a new leaf and stopped picking faults with Cbeebies shows, I adore them and here are my 5 reasons for needing to say sorry to Sarah & Duck:

1) Scarf lady’s bag

A talking bag, genius,sheer eccentricity…I hope that when I am old and confused I will live much like Scarf Lady with a house full of woolen items and a talking bag to correct me, oh and a pet donkey, and a weeping woolen tree to harvest more yarn…


2) Sarah’s love of sea cows

From about the age of five or six my brother was obsessed with sea cows or manatees, thanks to Sarah and Duck now Joss is too, I like to think of this as a family tradition now and it wouldn’t have continued without this show

3) Sarah’s fireworks dance

Hearing Joss sing this cracks me up, the lyrics are simple but it’s soooo sweet “this is my fireworks dance, I do it when there are fireworks…fireworks, fireworks,fireworks, fireworks”

4) Problem solving

This show is all about solving life’s little problems, Sarah goes to the library to seek answers to life’s many troubles – why are donkeys sad? Why does bug like buttons? The answers are lovely – “donkeys are friendly animals, they look sad but they are not. As long as they get lots of carrots and hugs they are quite happy”

5) Northern accents in kids tv

There aren’t enough Northern accents heard on kids TV so this is a big plus point, I love Sarah saying ‘hallo’ – it’s like a breath of fresh air!

5 thoughts on “5 reasons for needing to say sorry to Sarah & Duck

  1. Fabulous hun! I have just sat here with my husband picking holes in the plot lines of Disney Junior shows! I think he needs to take a more positive look at them. I agree about the norther accents! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  2. I was already to tweet the hell out of this and then realised you’d linked it in with #TheList, so let it be known I was sharing regardless…but thanks for linking!

    I love this post – it’s so funny what having the luxury of sitting a properly watching a kids program does for your appreciation of it…I’m like that with Peppa Pig – it does do my head in but then Grumpy Rabbit comes on and all is well with the world again. In fact I love all the Grandads in the show (the grannies and mums are a bit rubbish though, so I’m not such a fan of that).

    We don’t watch much CBeebies but I’m going to make sure we get a bit of Sarah and Duck from time to time, I want Reubs to sing the fireworks song too! xxxx

  3. I love this!

    Sarah and Duck is so underappreciated. The fireworks dance is my absolute favourite too, and Cake making awkward jokes and annoying Sarah.

    Only issue is that my two year old now thinks that every time we go on the bus, there’s a chance we might be going into the sea :L

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