Bob the snail and other minibeasts


Feelers out what’s about?

Joss loves Cbeebies’ Minibeast Adventure, so Daddy introduced her to Bob, our yarden snail!

She loved watching him crawl up the glass, chattered about his salad leaves and snail trails and commented on his shell “he’s got a hat on him!” – I’m slowly overcoming my creepy crawly fear, as she’s so fearless I have no worries about having passed on my fear yet!

If you have an inquisitive tot get yourself a large empty jar, this is a beetroot jar, add some soil and some edible leaves, pop holes in the lid of the jar and pop a small amount of water in gently each day, as snails like dark damp places try to keep the jar somewhere cool and shady, and never leave the jar in the sun. At night snails are more active so when your tot is sleeping look out for a few snails to pop in your jar and when you’ve had a good explore pop them back where you found them.


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10 thoughts on “Bob the snail and other minibeasts

  1. I’m impressed you’re overcoming your fear. I must admit I think mine is also improving as we, as parents, have to be a bit braver now! It’s great that a Cbeebies programme is making Joss explore the world around her.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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