Mumslist Celebrations

Real Life

Real life brought with it some celebrations this week, firstly I secured support for my postnatal depression support group and a rather excellent local mental health charity who I will name and blog about later next week has agreed to fund a room for our group to meet once a month, their funding support and support to get the group going will be a huge boost and I am delighted to have their backing! Later in the week I heard that I passed my Masters in Social Research Methods so you can call me Angela B MSc!

We’ve also had a tough week this week, Joss has started to show signs of being really very scared of monsters and we have no idea where this has come from which makes it hard as she can’t say what a monster is, or where one is, but just that she is scared. I’ve been doing some reading around this that I’ll try to blog next week as I’ve found some good resources.

Blog Life

A quiet one in many respects, I have reduced my blogging workload so I’m not blogging daily as frankly the weather is too good to miss some days!


I have had some great PR contacts this week ahead of a piece I’m writing on eco-parenting so that’s been sociable and productive too!


I was inspired by Mammasaurus’ mamas amazing collection this week, I have been gathering vintage bits and bobs of my own over the years, nothing compared to her selection, but I started to include some of my treasures into blog photos, why not get them out and enjoy them eh! So here’s my little seventies recipe card holder adding a touch of retro colour to my latest flapjacks!

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One thought on “Mumslist Celebrations

  1. Congratulations on getting support for your group and your masters!!!! Awesome news but very sorry to hear about Joss’ fear. It’s the opposite to Reuben as he wants to watch Monsters Inc EVERY day!! :-/ I’m glad you’re finding a way around it though.

    I love your little chef man :D thanks for linking in despite my lack of attention recently. May has too many bank holidays for me – I can’t keep up on just 1 day a week. I don’t know how you do it!! xxx

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