Last days of summer party food

It doesn’t seem fair that Autumn is upon us, especially when our summer fruits are still in season! Our last days of summer party food were a welcome break from blackberry picking this weekend!

ripening tomatoes

This weekend we enjoyed some great summer produce, much of it from Aldi, and I thought this would make brilliant budget party fayre, full of flavour and great value too.

This Cypriot chicken dish is so simple, chicken on the bone cooked for 20 minutes then topped for the final 20 minutes with a mix of garlic, fresh parsley, fresh basil, homegrown toms and half a small block of feta crumbled. Served with pittas gently baked in parchment for ten minutes with oil, garlic and basil this made for a really tasty dinner.

Last days of summer party food

Later over a glass of red wine and to see out the last of the summer evenings we shared a platter of goats cheese, fresh figs (in Aldi’s Super Six and really delicious) marinated olives and some fantastic physalis that hubby picked up in town, divine.

Last days of summer party food

What seasonal food have you enjoyed this summer?

One thought on “Last days of summer party food

  1. THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!!! Totally my favourite kind of food. Yum (p.s. I’m going to ignore that bit about it being the end of summer, I refuse to believe it *sobs*)


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