Natural ice lollies for babies with Nuby Fruitsicles

Nuby Garden Fresh

Nuby’s new Garden Fresh range gets a big thumbs up for promoting home cooking, designed for less waste so that home prepared food can be stored and frozen it prides itself on supporting Mummy Made Goodness.

We try to avoid processed foods where possible and I’ve always made home cooked meals for Joss so this range has big appeal taking you from preparing and storing through to serving up foods for your little one. New products like the Fruitsicles for making fresh ice lollies at home join old favourites like the Nibbler and weaning spoons, the range is really versatile and comes in lovely bright appealing colours for kids.

We often meet with friends we met through the baby led weaning group I co-run, we get together once a month or so to share food with our little ones, we sometimes get joined by new mums who are interested in baby led weaning and share recipes and ideas for home cooking that the whole family can enjoy (it’s where the idea for these potato pancakes came from, saving leftovers to make something totally different!).

Natural ice lollies for babies

As we’ve been having a spell of good weather I prepped a big batch of Fruitsicles for our meeting last week, as well as our famous fruity pack a punch toddler flapjacks! In keeping with the all natural theme we had bowls of blueberries and raspberries, yogurt smoothies and homemade houmous, yum!

The fruitsicles I prepared were jam-packed with fresh strawberries and two oranges that I had whizzed up in my blender, I kept it to a fairly thick pulpy consistency and then popped spoons of the mixture into the moulds. Each Fruitsicle is filled with two teaspoons of pureed fruit and so they’re great for portion control for babies and toddlers, and the soft grip handles are perfect for little hands.


We met in the park and started with the Fruitsicles before they melted, they were a big hit, I had one too (for taste test purposes of course!) and these all natural ice lollies were really fruity and naturally sweet! I later made up a batch using some of the leftover yogurt smoothies but they were so popular they were gone before I could get the camera out (natural yogurt, banana and raspberry if you’re wondering how they were made!)

fruitsicles 2

Giveaway time!

Nuby have kindly given me a bundle of Garden Fresh products to give away including:

  • Fruitsicles

  • Nibbler

  • Suction Bowls

  • Coverall Bib

  • Grip N Sip Cup

win a nuby weaning bundle

If you’d like to get your hands on this huge bundle of goodies simply enter via the Rafflecopter widget and leave a comment on this post


T&Cs – UK entries only, there is no cash alternative, winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter and informed within 24 hours of competition close

186 thoughts on “Natural ice lollies for babies with Nuby Fruitsicles

  1. Those ice lollies look absolutely delicious! This post has made me excited for the weaning stage, still a few months off for my little one.

    Recently we bought a slow cooker, and now I’m hooked on quorn sausage casserole, left to cool all day long. It’s delicious!

  2. Those ice lollies look absolutely delicious! This post has made me excited for the weaning stage, still a few months off for my little one.

    Recently we bought a slow cooker, and now I’m hooked on quorn sausage casserole, left to cook all day long. It’s delicious!

  3. hmmmmm I think its our chilli con quorn! We cook up huge batches and fill the freezer, its cheap, healthy and really convenient, but best of all it tastes amazing!

  4. my late Mother-in-Law was a wonderful lady and cooked the best dinners and puddings, I really miss her veggie curries and her upside down puddings and bread and butter puddings.

  5. My all time favourite home cooked meal is Chicken Tikka Masala with homemade veg samosas — all fresh ingredients. I|t’s delicious!

  6. It took a long time for me to find a chilli con carne recipe that I was happy with. Finally I got one and tweaked it a little, it contains cinnamon and molasses and tastes yummy :)

  7. Cod fish with cream (a tipical portuguese dish, where i’m from) and lasagna!

    This popsicles look soooooooo delicious, i will definitely try this recipe

  8. I love to make spaghetti and meatballs.

    We are starting weaning in the next month so this would be a great bunch of goodies to get us started :)

  9. My 10 month old adores the fruitsicles too – great for soothing sore teething gums. Her favourite meal though is my homemade mini lamb koftas.

  10. My favourite home made meal has to be lasagne as all the kiddies love it and it goes down well and it’s a bonus to get veg in them too as you can hide it in there hehe :)

  11. Our favourite home cooked meal is always spaghetti bolognese, with lots of added peas and carrots and lots of messy faces once it’s all gone

  12. Think I will be trying out the homemade ice lollies for my 3 year old and 5 month old when he is a little older!

  13. Sunday roast with everything, kids love it too <3 our youngest has just started weaning so she's not quite at that stage yet x

  14. Would love to win this set for my little girl who will be weaned in the next few weeks and would help me out a lot

  15. Love the look of the natural ice lolly skating definitely going to get some of them perfect for teething, I made a homemade pasta bake tonight with veggies in and my 6mths old baby girl loved it so did my 2 1/2 yr old so it’s become a new favourite xx

  16. My favourite home-cooked meal is a 5 Bean Vegetarian Chilli ~ a recipe I pinched from my Auntie who lives in Mexico. Even if I do say so, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  17. Favourite home cooked meal is pasta bake as I know my son loves pasta and I can bulk it out with loads of veg.

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