Giveaway: Getting ready for Christmas with 3M

I have some exciting things coming up on the blog soon, throughout December I’ll be running some amazing giveaways in collaboration with other bloggers and some top brands and bringing you great gift guides designed to take the stress out of present choosing!

Now that we’re in the run up to that period, we’ll need some supplies to help us with wrapping. 3M, makers of Scotch Tape, have kindly stepped in to help kick start the process!

I have started wrapping a few bits and bobs to send abroad and I’ve been using my new trusty 3M kitty dispenser to make wrapping a doddle!


How handy is this little guy! I don’t have to search for the rolls of tape and scissors in my kitchen drawers anymore and I can use it one handed too!
3M cat dispenser

You might remember this 3M craft post Joss and I wrote earlier this year, there are more uses to Scotch Magic Tape than wrapping alone!

Retailing at £8.99 this would make a sweet secret Santa gift for that stationery lover in your office, or a cool stocking filler to brighten up a desk space.

Giveaway: Getting ready for Christmas with 3M

The lovely folk at 3M have given me two dispensers in the range to giveaway. Ralph the dog and this handy footballer will make your wrapping a breeze! I’m giving away Ralph on my Facebook page here, and the footballer via the rafflecopter form below, so two lucky blog readers will receive their own dispenser for the holiday season!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

dog and footballer

T&Cs UK entries only, winner will be announced 24 hours after competition post closes and prize will be sent within 7 days of my receiving your address. There is no cash alternative.

49 thoughts on “Giveaway: Getting ready for Christmas with 3M

  1. I used to love trying to wrap Christmas presents with the dog in the room who would lay underneath all the wrapping paper! Happy times xxx

  2. I remember offering to help my friend wrap his Christmas presents, it was ridiculous as he bought the most awkward presents in the world. One present was a wooden cat which had a really long tail that poked straight up in the air, it used a stupid amount of wrapping paper and a ton of sticky tape!! I remember laughing a lot though :)

  3. The first Xmas after my stroke when my granddaughter came to wrap everyone else’s presents for me as I couldn’t manage them we did have a laugh

  4. I used to love trying to wrap presents with my late Nanna. I was hopeless at it( all fingers and thumbs!) but she had the patience of a saint with me and always told me how beautifully I had wrapped them xx

  5. I used to roll things in kitchen paper and twist the ends to make my own crackers. I was so convinced it was good and that nobody would be able to tell the difference!! :)

  6. I used to tear off lots of pieces of cellotape and have them all ready to use half stuck to the edge of the table. Drove my mom mad as there would always be pieces stuck on there for ages afterwards.

  7. My partner is a mad wrapper, I remember his son trying to get into his present once the wrapping was off because he had put the toy in a sauce bottle and he couldn’t figure out how to get it out. My partner always makes sure the presents are feel proof by putting them in odd shaped objects, it takes him forever!

  8. I am notorious in my family for being terrible at wrapping. I try my best, but I just can’t seem to make it neat or nice looking.

  9. Spending hours trying to wrap up the most annoying kids xmas pressie……now I just throw a colourful sheet over the awkward big ones

  10. I am useless at wrapping, several years back on xmas morning a relative was thrilled with the gift we had given her but was confused as to why we would include an old photograph of our garage and asked it if was an “art piece”? The photo had been on the table that I was wrapping everything on and I had scooped it up with the gift and wrapped it!

  11. I always think it’s going to be fun wrapping up the presents and leave it all to do in one go. Its only then I realise I’m rubbish at it and get annoyed I didn’t do it in stages lol x

  12. Crouched in the dark, trying to wrap presents as quietly as possible to avoid detection by eager children, then forgetting to label them at the time.

  13. i always remember my telling me how my great aunt used to unwrap her xmas presents and rewrap them so she could see what she had (even as an adult lol)

  14. I love wrapping presents but especially at Christmas when my Mum & I take over the dining room table with rolls and rolls of paper, ribbon, bows etc. Enjoy the challenge of trying to wrap presents that are more unusual in shape! And trying to use up all the odd bits of paper!

  15. Best wrapping memories is this year as my daughter has decided to take over the wrapping with a little extra pocket money as the attraction

  16. dont no if this counts but when i was a kid i used to unwrap pressies then rewrap them so mum didnt no i had been looking what i was a getting lol

  17. The family all wrapping together, and individuals rushing off with the last remaining roll of tae, saying Don’t Look

  18. When my brother was in charge of the Junior Section of the Boy’s Brigade years ago, I always got the job of wrapping the presents all ready for their Christmas party. I thoroughly enjoyed it lol xx

  19. I spent ages wrapping a huge box containing a pedal car for my young son. On Christmas morning he excitedly unwrapped it, took the car out, and spent all day playing in the empty box!

  20. Wrapping presents with a new puppy in the house. Lay down the paper, the puppy sat on it. Reach for the scissors, the puppy is sitting on those. Where’s the tape? The puppy has run off with it and is rapidly turning it to perforated tape. There’s a very good reason that puppies have round faces and big eyes – it means people get amused not angry!

  21. I spent ages wrapping presents for my children one christmas only for my Ex husband to have a christmas party and he somehow thew water all over them. I made him rewrap every one himself even though he had a raging hangover.

  22. Trying really hard at the beginning of a wrapping session to be super neat and being just glad to get things wrapped and taped up by the end.

  23. A couple of years ago my very crafty daughter decided to make her own wrapping paper – it was such a success that people expect it every year now – but that first year was great, especially for her as the paper was as much part of the gift as the thing inside it.

  24. As I child I remember us gathering around the air grate in the kitchen trying to hear into the lounge on wrapping day!

  25. I remember the time I had the great idea to wrap both kids bikes on christmas eve, it was about 1am when id finally managed to wrap them enough that you couldn’t see either the handle bars, wheels or pedals! used an entire roll of cellotape

  26. my husband and I have a mini Christmas which was what we call it, we spend a Sunday watching Christmas movies, wrapping presents and having a Christmas dinner usually end of November beginning December, each year it adds happy memories

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