Fire Safety in the Home *

I have kept a home journal for some years now, and so I know that coming up to 1st November there are some impending tasks ahead of Winter that I’ll be tackling around the home, draught-proofing, getting out the warmer bedding, getting our winter woolens refreshed, as well as our monthly tasks, like checking the battery on our smoke alarm too.

This infographic created by Reflect Digital and Alarm Traders Direct highlights the importance of these regular home checks. About three years ago now we contacted our local fire station’s Community Awareness worker, did you know many stations offer a service where they will do a short fire safety audit of your home? In our case they installed alarms for us and told us how to check them monthly.

Coming up to Bonfire Night many people start thinking about fire safety and awareness around fireworks, why not make this the time you think about fire safety in the home too? There are some tips and ideas included in this helpful graphic to get you thinking about key risks and needs.

The Burning Truth About Fire

Alarm Traders Direct suppliers of domestic smoke alarms and wireless smoke alarms and detectors


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