Canopies in Modern Architecture*

I still remember my first trip to Harrods, rounding the corner from the tube station and seeing these iconic green canopies lining every side of the store, they gave the store real gravitas much like the facade of The Savoy, both well known London havens for tourists.

My love of traditional department stores is no secret, Fenwick in Newcastle and Liberty in London are some of my favourite places to shop and I love their grand and ornate architecture and elaborate windows.

It doesn’t just stop at the luxury shopping though, I studied the Sociology of Consumption for my first degree and was really engaged by a talk on the history of department stores, so when we were on Honeymoon in 2011 I had to seek out Galeries Lafayette which is absolutely breathtaking inside, and uses canopies to change the look of the outside depending on the season.

Everyone can name an iconic store front or historical building which uses canopies to highlight the brand name, Clovis Canopies have produced this infographic on modern canopies in usage in UK and US architecture to showcase the history of their usage – do you have a favourite?

Modern Canopies
Modern Canopies by Clovis Canopies a leading UK manufacturer of outdoor canopies and shelters for schools, hospitals and commercial premises.

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