Competition Time: The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women Reviewed

I have many books from publishing house Pinter & Martin, they “publish authors who challenge the status quo and specialise in psychology, pregnancy, birth & parenting and health”

The Roar Behind the Silence and Rediscovering Birth featured in my research dissertation and I’ve recently been given Kiss Me by a friend, these are books that appeal to my interest in health, wellbeing and loosely to attachment parenting too.

I was delighted to receive a copy of The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women by Lehla Eldridge and am happy to have a copy to offer to another Wonderful woman so do enter using the Rafflecopter, dear readers!


This book is essentially a gorgeously illustrated guide to seeking health and wellness for women, it’s full of ideas for treating yourself kindly and don’t we all need a bit of that from time to time? There were some suggestions that I found hugely appealing:


Others reminded me to take action, to call a friend and to take off my chipped nail polish and treat myself to a spot of pampering


The illustrations are beautiful:


I have one copy of the book to give away, enter using the Rafflecopter and comment on this blog post telling me about a wonderful woman you know

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If you would like to buy your own copy do so from and use code lbblog20 and you’ll get 20% off and free post and packing

T&Cs apply, UK entrants only, random choosing of a winner via rafflecopter will be announced within 24 hours of closing, P&M are responsible for sending out the prize, there is no cash alternative.

29 thoughts on “Competition Time: The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women Reviewed

  1. My mum – four kids and we have had our hard times but she has always been there for us all, no matter what!

  2. The loveliest most wonderful woman I know is my best friend Dawn Parker, she works incredibly hard in her professional life, she spends the majority of her free time with her children – she really should have the mums taxi sign on her car, she is funny, loyal to her family and friends, intelligent, passionate about her job and team, attractive, loving etc etc. I’m proud to call her my friend.

  3. My Mum – she was a massive help recently when I was unemployed buying food and clothes when I did not have the money myself. Thankfully I am back in employment and can buy her little treats to show how much i appreciate her

  4. The most amazing woman I know is my mum. She has looked after my whole family, is always there and is the first person people come to in my neighbourhood whenever they have problems. She never gives up, she lets me know that it’s ok not to be perfect and keeps us all going strong! She also makes a mean banana loaf which is perfect when having a chat and a cuppa!

  5. A wonderful woman I know would be my older sister. She’s been through a lot but stays strong and is always there if I need her!

  6. My soon to be boss, she has worked so hard to set up her own business so she could work from home to be with her two children, she has ‘saved’ her husband from a factory job and one of her best friends and she has also saved me because instead of returning to the factory after my maturnity leave I get to go and work for her, mostly from home si I can be with my 3 children too :-)

  7. One of my best friends who have been through quite a lot of personal issues lately and just needs to take time out and realise that she is a wonderful person

  8. My mum is a wonderful woman, she’s kind, caring and never has a bad word to say about any body :)

  9. The most wonderful woman I know is my grandma, she is now 79 years old and gets a sharper wit everyday, she is my best friend and I absolutely adore her :) <3

  10. My daughter-in-law as she has given me 5 beautiful grandchildren and is always happy to help me.

  11. my wonderful mum, she is always there for me no matter what and I cannot imagine my life without her she is such an incredible woman!

  12. My mother – My mother is like my knight in shining armour, she is always there to rescue me with her support and love..
    she always catches me with a cuddle too :)

  13. My Mum – she has suffered the worst hurt a parent could…..losing a child! She is amazing and an inspiration! <3 x

  14. My mum who was there for me last year when I was suffering from PND. I couldn’t have got through those first few months without her

  15. My mum is the most wonderful woman I know. For years she bought us up singlehandedly and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. i talk to her 2 or 3 times a day and see her at least once a week. She always feels that she failed us as kids as she didn’t constantly spend money on us and for treats she took us to the beach, woods or moorlands (places that didn’t cost much) I am so thankful for this as I now love the countryside and I am now giving these qualities to my children. If I could thank my mum every single day I would

  16. My friend Emily – she is so incredibly supportive to me and my family – helping us through tough times

  17. My beautiful friend Carrie who has come through sickness with strength and humour, she is an inspiration

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