Taking care of toddler teeth!

Taking care of toddler teeth!

A small first step but an interesting one. Joss has started to know that some things happen at certain times of day. Last night Joss finished her supper and said what I thought was cheese, but Alex noticed she was pointing at her toothbrush, she was saying teeth, and decided to do her own! After 2 weeks of trying to get her to let me brush them and being met with no,no,no she managed a fairly decent clean on her own!

I rubbed a smidge of toothpaste on her teeth and gums and off she went!

(Please excuse this ropey photo, it was taken in a hurry!)

5 thoughts on “Taking care of toddler teeth!

  1. This is fantastic, it’s so nice that she wants to do this herself. We have a big battle of the toothbrush everyday!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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