Most Wanted – Tramp


Joss has a new word – want it. She wants everything that’s not hers, keys, telephones, money, she also seemingly wants things she doesn’t like kiwi, sprouts, nappy changes – “want it” followed by “no like it”

Our most wanted this week is featured behind bars here, Tramp, or Trampses to Joss got left at Grandma’s house, not satisfied by my explanation that he is away of his hols we’ve had full on wailing, then on the bus today we saw a little boy with his own Tramp, “want it, want it, Trampses, want it…” “Mammy Trampses WANTIT waaaaaaaah”

Thankfully Tramp is on his way home tomorrow, is it bad that I’m thinking of forking out £14 for a spare?!

Linking this into Magic Moments :-)

3 thoughts on “Most Wanted – Tramp

  1. awww they are so cute having a special thing, my little man had a special thing and after a weekend of being parted from it …… we have purchased a new one as a spare!! ;-)

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

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