Conversations with Joss Daisy


I have to write down some of the little chats we have with Joss as I don’t want to forget them, so here goes:

First words: baba, Dada, Mama, our dog Toby was alwasys Baba, now he’s Tor for now at least!

First repeated recognisable word…wait for it…she’s a Geordie allright, it was Howay!!

First song she interacted with: this was just this week, see in this photo she’s concentrating, this is her thinking look, and she’s been doing it a lot lately. Suddenly I was singing Old MacDonald and she piped up with ee ai oh in this serious little low voice, talk about proud, I wanted to sing it from the rooftops with her!

She’s copying all the time now, she says tikitikitiki when we tickle her, and shouts duck, ducka duck at the tv, I think this stage she’s at is just magical and she’s growing so so fast!

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