16, 17 & 18/365 Joy in the Mundane

A much needed cut and colour was had this week, I had to put my book away and make do with the salon’s trashy mags though, reading Caitlin Moran’s Moranthology had me snorting behind the pages, if you haven’t read her comparison of David Cameron to a Gammon Robot I urge you to do so with haste! Not the best selfie, not the best blowdry either but then who can repeat the perfect locks that the hairdresser seems to be able to create?


This was followed by two foodie treats, a slice of really good bread with loads of butter for Joss and slightly less for me (museli bread, absolutely amazing stuff) and joy in the mundane for Joss, taking a biscuit off to eat in your favourite lazy chair whilst swinging your legs back and forth…note the sticky finger marks on the wall that I keep scrubbing at, nothing better than getting your greasy paws all over the house post-biscuit.



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