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When I wrote my Mumslist post this week it got me thinking about what inspires me at the moment, now I no longer have to read academic books for my course I’ve picked up some old friends again, here’s my rundown of inspiring reads for lazy days when I am mulling over ideas for crafting, blogging, eating and more…

1) Anything by Caitlin Moran

Gosh I love her, she writes snort out loud on the bus books though, so these are for home only. Generally flicking through her books reminds me to bring humour out in my writing, and may make me a little more daring too. I’m not saying that everytime I write a scary personal blog post I think “what would Caitlin do” before posting, but it does often cross my mind that she’s so disarmingly honest and my finding that incredibly refreshing sometimes leads me to hit publish with more confidence, enough gushing, just read her stuff, like this, which I love for capturing the love and pain of motherhood so well:


2) The Goddess Guides

I’m also re-reading these beauties from my collection, lots of snippets, tips and titbits to dip into so they’re kept by the bed, I adore their covers too! My love of macaroons spiralled out of control after reading the Laduree pages! Fashion, travel, ideas to live by, these are written like a magazine, dip-inable and lots of ideas for slow days.

3) The Wonderful Weekend Book

This one’s a bit whimsical, lots of ideas for lazy Sundays and reclaiming life’s simple pleasures. I sometimes need reminding to live in the now, mindful and taking in my surroundings, from sunset watching and jam making to gardening and writing proper letters it’s jam packed with ideas for getting out and living life to the full, inspiring stuff indeed!

4) Homemade

I cant stop picking this one up lately, split into seasons with ideas for home, food and craft it’s a total treasure trove of ideas, beautifully shot photos that make me aspire to make and do more, I think this is a must for any creative blogger

5) Scrapbook

This lovely leatherbound beauty really belongs to Joss, I’m filling it for her and will share some of its pages over the coming weeks

Do you have inspiring reads that you often come back to?

7 thoughts on “Inspiring reads for sparking creativity

  1. yeah man! What a great selection :) You’re going to write a book one day, I can feel it.

    I HAVE the first goddess book and had forgotten – I want to dig that out and have another flick though. It’s at least a decade old but somehow timeless! For me, I find inspiration in business type books. My favourite book for 2014 so far is Manage your day-to-day, which has helped me get things done. In doing that, I find I’m so much more productive and creative. You’re such a good planner you might not get as much out of it though. Another one that might appeal is called the 4 hour work week – this is about playing more and working less. It really appeals to me, because overall I’m not that ambitious in my non-work life. Basically I’m lazy. I used to play piano, I used to go sailing, I used to sew. Etc. I’m only a chapter in but I’m expecting big things! Gosh, I’ve waffled a bit. Pinning this to come back to xx

    • Thanks for your comment love, if you’d like to borrow the second Goddess Guide just ask :) I do quite like a good business type book too, I just read The Thinking Hats and quite like the idea of making ‘play’ have as important a focus as work too!

    • I’d say How to Be a Woman, it’s a great read, a good blend of humour, feminism and dip-inable too as the chapters don’t have to be read in turn

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