Spread a little happiness…

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed and a sleepless night today. I was feeling a bit ‘blah’ (OK worse than that, I was feeling grumpy and sorry for myself). Over a restorative cup of tea I read a few blogs and came across the Spread a Little Happiness blog hop; fate, no?!

So here’s what cheers me up and I hope it spreads a little happiness for you too:

Being daft with my mini me, getting out in the fresh air, drawing and being noisy are great for getting out of a fug:

This is also my What’s the Story photo for this week, Joss has discovered running and screeching at the same time which makes for some ace photos, I’m gonna photoshop a few when I get a sec as it looks like she’s running away from something, anyone want to suggest some ideas for me?!



Learning to be grateful is great:


Putting on an oldie but goodie and shaking it out or enjoying some trashy TV to escape the news and doom and gloom, this week it’s been Beastie Boys and Girls


And finally, because I think these resources are brilliant and mental health enhancing, check out Action for Happiness’ 10 keys to happier living


13 thoughts on “Spread a little happiness…

  1. Love the idea of those photos if they’re anything like the one you’ve shown, just brilliant. Running and screeching is hilarious after all. Love a great big dollop of happiness too! Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

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