Munchkin Mummy Giveaway

Back in March Joss and I received a mammoth package of goodies from Munchkin. I’m a Munchkin Mummy and have been testing and reviewing products with Joss on a regular basis. We’ve blogged about bathing and teething products, this post is all about feeding!

A bit of background to Joss’ feeding is helpful! At five days old Joss was more interested in the world around her than eating, at 14 months old she’s more interested in playing than eating! She’s a petite little lady, eats just enough to sustain her mammoth energy and likes to be very very independent with food! We love our Munchkin highchair, it goes everywhere with us, to the grandparent’s houses for work days and we often dine alfresco and pop outside with the chair. Joss’ ‘I can do it for myself’ approach to food is very, very messy, all toddlers are mucky pups and Joss is no exception but she refuses to be spoon fed and very much baby led weaned, we had no choice!


She loves a good ‘party tea’ small bits of food that can be eaten on the hop to get back to playing; raisins, pancakes, fruit (she’s a fruit bat she eats so much of it), broccoli, cheese batons and avocado are her favourites. Whilst its great that she cracks on and feeds herself we wanted to start introducing some ‘tools of the trade’ so bowls and plates and spoons have slowly started to be introduced. We have Munchkin fish print sets to move on to as she gets older, but for now the suction plates and bowls give her some independence whilst preventing a whole bowl being thrown or tipped by clumsy hands!


Our baby group leader suggested we look for spoons with long handles, she told us to imagine being fed by someone wearing a boxing glove, that is what a baby sees when a big adult hand comes in with a spoon! It made sense, and Munchkin’s soft tip spoons are lovely long spoons with really comfy soft handles for moving on to self-feeding.

Munchkin have kindly given me a big bundle of soft tip spoon sets to give away, I have ten sets for my lovely blog readers. Each pack contains six colourful spoons suitable from weaning plus.


To be in with a chance of winning please:

1) leave a comment on this post telling me your little ones favourite meal.

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Closes July 31st 2013 at 12am winners will be notified by email on 1st August and announced here.

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They’re into everything at this age…

They're into everything at this age...

…aren’t they just! JD doesn’t like our parent facing pram and demonstrated this by trying to jump out on a zebra crossing, my poor nerves were shot to pieces! I need to get a pushchair urgently so she can see more! It doesn’t help that she’s so big that people look in the pram expecting to see a newborn and cheeky girl pops her face out and raspberries them!

In order to tame her at home we invested the princely sum of £10 in a popup tunnel and 100 balls, hours of fun for her, ours of clean up chasing small balls out from under the sofa for me and daddy!

I thought I’d update on work life today, I’ve a 6 month contract extention which is a huge relief and actually working life is going well despite my worries! Its brought a nice balance actually, toddlers and quite trying some days and it’s good to use my brain for something a bit different too, makes for a better rounded mama and I have a bit more energy for chasing her round too! Still the toothless wonder at 14m, will this be the month we get a first tooth?

I’m launching a giveaway later this week in my role as a Munchkin Mummy reviewer, see you then!


Cuddledry welcoming the Royal Baby

It’s Royal Baby fever isn’t it?! I for one am looking forward to hearing what the little one will be called as the world waits with bated breath for the happy arrival!

Cuddledry are looking forward to welcoming the new little one too, and have launched a special diamante white cuddledry apron towel to mark the occassion. I love to see a new baby in white and this is so soft, fluffy and perfect for a newborn Prince or Princess! Why not visit and snap one up?!


Daddy to grandad


When Joss was born everyone remarked how like Alex she is, she is her Daddy’s double, and yet for me it was like looking in the mirror! I put these two photos together for Father’s Day, me 29 years ago with my Daddy, and Joss with Grandad nearly 30 years on, can you see the resemblance?!

I think tomorrow I’ll look out my baby book and put a few more collages together and try to get some of Alex’s baby pics to do the same!

Favourite outfits


I don’t really like dresses for Joss, I much prefer for her to be able to get around! She crawls up into dresses and falls over so instead I buy t-shirts and leggings galore! People always say I dress her quirkily, her dad and I equally choose things for her so we must just be a quirky kinda family! We have piles of cloth bum leggings from H&M, and buy her tops from Tesco, H&M, Frugi and Next, I like stripes, cats and things with a vintage feel, like the shorts set in the pics, vintage M&S!

Conversations with Joss Daisy


I have to write down some of the little chats we have with Joss as I don’t want to forget them, so here goes:

First words: baba, Dada, Mama, our dog Toby was alwasys Baba, now he’s Tor for now at least!

First repeated recognisable word…wait for it…she’s a Geordie allright, it was Howay!!

First song she interacted with: this was just this week, see in this photo she’s concentrating, this is her thinking look, and she’s been doing it a lot lately. Suddenly I was singing Old MacDonald and she piped up with ee ai oh in this serious little low voice, talk about proud, I wanted to sing it from the rooftops with her!

She’s copying all the time now, she says tikitikitiki when we tickle her, and shouts duck, ducka duck at the tv, I think this stage she’s at is just magical and she’s growing so so fast!

Crochet bow brooches

I’m really enjoying learning to crochet, but need to practice my basic stitches so I was pleased to find a simple project as I don’t much enjoy practice for the sake of it! The brilliant crochet bow tutorial from Craftiness is not Optional was a simple one hour in front of the TV task (The Returned if you’re interested in what I was watching) – you can find the tutorial here I love step by step pictures so this is great, my Mam tried to help but she doesn’t have the patience to watch me get it wrong, we start off with her helping me hold the work and after about four minutes she’s away hook and yarn flying way to fast for me to keep up!

The end results were cute, not perfect, I want the next one to be a bit nippier in the middle to have a classic bow shape, but these will make a sweet brooch for a plain cardigan, no?


PND, PTSD and Me: Our Birth Story

Posting this is very hard, I have made no secret of my struggle with PND and hinted a few times at how this started very soon after I gave birth, I have rewritten this many times, but found making light of it in the way I usually would didn’t really work, this is Joss’ birth story, it is our story and there are parts I wish I could change but in honesty is the only way I could write it.


Dear darling girl,

This is your birth story it is something I don’t want to forget, so I’m going to write it all down to share with you one day. There are some things I have included that I wasn’t sure about writing, but I have included them and maybe one day I’ll explain why.

I was one week overdue and it was the day before your Auntie’s wedding. I was relaxing at Nana’s house when I had a show. I was really excited as things were starting off but kept thinking about the wedding and hoped you could hold on a short while longer. When I came back home later Daddy was home from work, as I was preparing dinner my waters broke on the kitchen floor! We weren’t really sure what was happening as I had no pains and there wasn’t as much water as I was expecting. I do remember grabbing the nearest thing I could, a tea towel and waddling towards the bathroom thinking I’d just pee’d myself! I called the hospital and they asked us to go in for a check up. We had some dinner and called a taxi up to the maternity unit. They did a few checks at the hospital and listened to your heart rate, you were doing great and they sent us home saying that things were starting but it could be a little while. I asked the doctor whether it was going to be OK for me to go to your Auntie’s wedding, she wasn’t sure but eventually she said yes, but I had to check my temperature regularly and take it easy.

After a nervous night we got dressed and ready for the wedding and arrived at the Church, I was feeling tired, nervous and excited all at the same time. Mainly I felt bad about the wedding as people were asking if I was excited about your arrival and actually I was starting to feel pains and couldn’t say anything, I didn’t want to spoil anything for your auntie. After dinner we came home to get changed quickly, then went back to the hospital, they said things were still starting slowly, to go home and bounce on the labour ball and eat a good meal, we went home expecting to be induced the next day.

On the way home we stopped for fish and chips, as we walked home I started to feel a bit strange and the contractions and pains were getting a bit closer together. I bounced on the ball for a few hours and read a bit about what to expect about induction, then went to bed. Daddy slept through the night and I stayed in bed til about 6am but by then my contractions were strong and regular. I had a shower and then had a few things to do but I had to keep stopping because the pains were so bad! I could only get comfy on my hands and knees as the pain was all in my back. I checked the hospital bag over and over, then at half eight it was time to go. In the taxi I kept saying the pains in my back were lifting me out of the seat, when we got to the hospital I was still expecting to be induced but was in a lot of pain. It took a long time for someone to check me over, they listened to your heart rate and said they’d be back. In the half an hour they were gone I couldn’t get comfortable and squeezed your Daddy’s hand tight, I had to keep going to the bathroom and the only time I was comfortable was on the loo! We found out soon after why that was! I couldn’t concentrate on anything your Daddy was saying so I told him to shut up and I paced the room, uncomfortable and starting to feel a bit panicked! Everyone kept saying I was the lady that had been to a wedding, it was then that I realised I’d gotten so caught up in worrying about not letting anyone down that I’d not realised I was actually in labour!

The two midwives came back and they asked how I was, I said the pain was really bad, they checked me over and started laughing, Catherine said “do you feel like YOU WANT TO PUSH?” I said yes and she said well you don’t need an induction, you’re ten cms dilated! Your Daddy was amazed as I kept saying if the pain is this bad now by the time I have the induction I’ll need some pain relief, somehow I’d had so much on my mind from the wedding and no sleep that I hadn’t realised this was the real thing! It was too late to have anything other than gas and air, 2 codeine and a paracetamol. I was put flat on the bed with my legs in the stirrups and started to push, it was such hard work, because I’d worn high heels to the wedding I had terrible leg cramps and was tired from labouring through the night at home. I remember the hard work and the pain so well, but I also remember laughing lots with Daddy about me not wanting to let go of his hand, even for a second, about being fully dilated and not knowing and about the worst thing I said being “shut up Alex” and asking your Daddy if he was OK when I was the one pushing a baby out!

I remember the midwife saying she could see your head and you had hair, and saying “Joss is going to be here soon”. I pushed for two hours, desperate to meet you, after one big push there was a lot of blood, the Midwife ran to get the doctor. Daddy took care of me, getting me water to drink, and a cold flannel, he was amazingly supportive, and I didn’t shout or scream like I thought I would, it was quite calm until the doctor came in. I had an episiotomy before the ventouse was placed on your head as you had turned and weren’t quite engaged right. I really didn’t want that but more than anything wanted you to arrive safely so said the doctor had to do what he had to deliver my baby girl. At 2:36 I pushed you into the world, you were placed on my chest and I cried, you were so beautiful, I told you I loved you, that I’d been waiting to meet you and Daddy and I stroked your little hands and cheek, I remember you were so warm and smelled sweet, you looked up with your gorgeous blue eyes and gave a little cry, you were so alert and taking it all in! I thanked the doctor and midwifes for their help and apologised that it took longer than I’d wanted and they missed their lunch as they weren’t expecting me to give birth til later that day!

I checked you were definitely a girl, the placenta was delivered and the doctor cut the cord and we had a long cuddle and a short but amazing feed before I needed to be stitched. Daddy took you for a cuddle and as it was getting cold in the room you had to be dressed. He dressed you for the first time, I was so proud of you both! Everyone left for a while and Daddy and I looked at you, and at each other and we both had a good cry, it was a long delivery but it had gone over in a daze as we were expecting it to take a whole day with the induction, and yet here you were just a few hours later. We had to be checked over as I had an infection and so a paediatrician came to look at you. She said you were doing fine and we both just had to keep having our temperatures checked. We listened to some music, the Doors and Mumford and Sons, I love to hear that album now, it’s your album, but when I heard it in the weeks after it made me cry and feel very emotional.


We stayed in the delivery room until that night, I was helped to have a shower and came back to see you wrapped in a blanket waiting to go up to the ward. That first night was scary being on my own in the dark with my tiny bundle, you were a little sickly from the delivery so I held you all night long, walking around and eventually sleeping together on the bed. Daddy came to visit the next day giving you and I some lovely cuddles, four days later we came home, a relief after seeing so many other mamas and babies taking their bundles home! Your birth was much faster than I had ever expected, and I was in shock for a few days afterwards because the run up had been so busy. This next bit is important, more than how you got here, because I’m not always good with words but I have to put this down so bear with me.


Joss, I want you to know that I love you, that the first days were so so hard because I had wanted so desperately to be able to feed you myself and couldn’t, that I felt guilty about that and wished I’d tried harder, but I had a really bad time and found the adjustment to being a new mother very hard. When you’re older I’ll tell you all about it but we just didn’t get the support to get through it and once it hit me that I couldn’t go back and try again I found that very tough. From day one I felt you were so perfect I couldn’t do you justice as your mother, I remember telling your Daddy that I had read all the books (such a researcher!) but didn’t know where to begin. I want you to know if you ever have your own little ones that you don’t become the mother you want to be overnight, you get to know each other and it takes a little time, but that’s not a bad thing, it’s a journey that takes you through sleepless nights, difficult decisions and yet also takes you through first milestones, fun and laughter, follow your instincts, snuggle down and remember I’m always here for you. Your Dad was here for us both in a way that made me want to burst with pride at you both, I learned from him to relax and learned from you to lie back and just be content. You’ll always be our baby girl, all my love darling, Mammy x