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Want to take into account the value and sound quality? Take these headphones out to the street

I believe many of my friends have the habit of going to the streets to wear headphones, I sometimes listen to songs on the subway to see the video, I think down the street wear headphones should first consider the value of color, and then wear comfort, and then the sound quality , It is not particularly expensive considering the possibility that the earbuds may be damaged when going out for use. So the question is, what kind of headphones suitable for use out of the street? Headphones are generally divided into the head and ears (what bone conduction is not in the scope of this discussion ~), some headphone styling is exaggerated, go out to use the other people look at your headphone, like what the "tears of masonry" this, Recognition is very high. Although very good looking, but ... but I certainly will not take the street. That there is no slight low profile, but the appearance is also very good headset? Both fashion and futuristic, durable look, there is no exaggeration. Cortex head beam design, both sides of the stretchable extension can be paragraph-free sliding, damping sense is moderate, not easy to fall. Although the use of the ear-type wear, but better breathable protein earmuffs and internal soft sponge to improve the wearing experience, long-term wear will not be discomfort.

Distribute metal texture, blind spot design, easy to distinguish about. Delicate metal mesh, to beats by dre wireless ensure that beats earphones dust will not affect the sound quality into the headset, comes with the original winder to prevent the cheap beats headphones storage time when the headset winding. With original sponge earmuffs, beats by dre sale comfortable to wear, protect the ears. Headphone appearance is quite simple, but very grade. Although the two arms around the plastic material, but the surface using the plating process, it looks like touch with the feeling of metal sandblasting. Although it is golden, but not very eye-catching, with rounded shape, it seems full of dynamic headphones. Different levels of noise reduction can be selected for different usage scenarios: to sleep quietly on noisy planes or to isolate the surrounding noises in a cafe, to choose the level of noise reduction you are looking for. When wearing headphones, if you need to talk to people, just open the ambient sound instantly enhancements, without removing the headset, you can clearly hear the voice of the outside world.