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This is just to make more people hear our good voice

Friends who listen to music with headphones (male in most cases) may encounter such a situation: Nearby friends (usually women) will often ask you, Why can I fall out when I use beats by dre studio earbuds? "Yes, the past players and music formats did not have much detail in the sound quality, so non-inflatable flat earbuds are sufficient, but as the players and formats are now increasingly pursuing high-definition, lossless, listening The environment of the song is also more and more, so in order to better show the details of the music and isolate the external noise, in-ear earbuds have already had more advantages than the flat-headed earbuds of the past. At the same time, due to better sealing performance, the ear pressure earbuds can play sound pressure (volume) in the same listening effect much smaller than the flat earbuds, which is actually more conducive to the protection of hearing health. Although the use of in-ear earphones with better airtightness will be more suitable for everyone, there are still some friends who are psychologically resistant to using in-ear earplugs due to some reasons and concerns about wearing habits.

Unlike flat-ended earplugs, the structure of the in-ear earbuds allows them beats by dre studio to be placed deeper into the ear canal by the combination of the catheter and the silicone sleeve. Therefore, the interaction between earmuffs, catheters and cavity design has become an important factor in determining the quality of wear. As the first line of defense for intimate contact with the ear canal, the size and material of the silicone sleeve is important, which means that the ear canal can be inserted and fitted comfortably and provides a good seal. Due to cavity design and tuning requirements, the size of the catheter used in the earbuds is not the same. Some earbuds have thicker and shorter tubes, and some earbuds have thinner tubes. This is especially true for women who have a small ear canal, especially female users, who want to wear it beats solo easily before trying to buy it. Now. The style of the earplugs varies from one body to the other, and therefore the manner of wearing earplugs is also different. Single-unit headphones with smaller unit diameters and lighter headphones have no problem even if they are directly inserted into the ear canal, but headphones with larger unit diameters, multi-unit headphones, and heavier quality headphones often need to be used. The ear-worn style can make the headset more secure. Because each person's ear and ear canal angles are beats earphones different, for the wear of the earphone, the perception of the catheter angle and whether the earphone wear conforms to the ear are often the key to the comfort of wearing.