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Noise reduction headphones hurt the ears is not it?

There beats by dre are two beats earphones ways to noise reduction in headphones, one is active noise reduction and the other is passive noise reduction. Active noise reduction function is through the noise reduction system and the external noise generated by the opposite acoustic waves, the noise and thus to achieve the effect of noise reduction. Active Noise Canceling Headphones Noise Canceling Circuits with Counterbalance to External Noise Most of them use bulky head-mounted designs that block out-of-body noises, constructions such as earbuds and headphone enclosures for the first round of soundproofing, There is plenty of room to install active noise reduction circuitry and power supplies.

Passive noise-canceling headphones mainly surround the ears to form a closed space, or use silicone earplugs and other sound-insulating materials to block the external noise. Since the noise is beats by dre studio not processed by the noise reduction circuit chip, it can only block the high-frequency noise and has no obvious effect on the noise reduction of the low-frequency noise. Noise reduction Three noise reduction measures commonly used, that is, noise reduction at the sound source, noise reduction during propagation and noise reduction at the human ear, are both passive and passive.

In order to eliminate the noise proactively, people invented the "active noise cancellation" technology. The principle is that all sounds consist of a certain spectrum, and if one can find a sound whose spectrum is exactly the same as the noise to be canceled, but with exactly the opposite phase (180 difference), this noise can be completely canceled . The key is how to get the noise that cancels the noise. The actual approach is: from the noise source itself, trying to reverse the phase of the original noise through the electronic circuit. Seen in this light, the active noise beats by dre wireless reduction technology is actually "poisonous attack."