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Long-term use of headphones will be deaf? 3 trick to teach you to protect their own hearing!

Like the cellphone, the headset has become the standard of modern people. After all, as long as wearing headphones, can have their own space in this noisy world ~ Xiaobian often see some people listen to music with beats earphones headphones, watch video, a few hours of wear, my heart can not help but have questions: so long-term use Headphones, will affect hearing, or even deafening ah? Let's look at a case first: There was a press report that an 18-year-old boy was diagnosed as "noise-induced hearing impairment". It is reported that this guy particularly like listening to music, regardless of occasion, location, stuffed with headphones anytime, anywhere. The doctor speculated that it is precisely because long-term wear headphones to listen to music, leading to their hearing impairment. WHO has also warned that as more and more people like to use their headphones to listen to music and watch videos, doing so for extended periods of time runs the risk of hearing loss. Long-term use of headphones can damage hearing, or even deafness, is not scary. Such use of headphones, really deafness Noise-induced hearing loss, as its name implies, is hearing loss due to long-term exposure to noise and severe deafness. According to a research report released by the European Union, hearing music for more than 89 decibels per day for 60 beats by dre minutes for five consecutive years may permanently lose hearing! 89 dB what is the concept, take a look at the following data, for reference.

Various noise dB value:

1, the sound of fireworks discharge about 150 decibels;

2, entertainment / equipment (music player) the maximum volume of about 110 dB;

3, bus, subway, roadside traffic noise about 80 dB;

4, daily speech exchange about 60 decibels.

Listening to music electronic products, the highest volume up to 110 dB. Especially in a noisy environment, people always unconsciously to adjust the volume up, and a few hours cheap beats by dre to listen, the ear is more vulnerable. However, the beats by dre cheap first hearing impaired hearing impaired at a frequency of 4,000 hertz (high frequency), this frequency of sound we usually hear less often, so the initial hearing impaired often imperceptible. However, as the noise continues to hurt, hearing at other frequencies successively decreases, eventually leading to "noise-induced deafness."