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How to strengthen yourself when there is no guitar around?

One of the most annoying things for a guitarist is that there are too many chores everyday and there is not enough time to practice. Xiao Bian has also experienced this stage. It is really a headache. However, this does not mean that ordinary people cannot become an outstanding musician. We can still study in the middle of the commuting bus, subway or gym. Especially when smart devices beats by dre studio are so developed, we You can use a variety of APP programs to learn, instead of playing games with them. How important music theory is, I believe we are very clear. Learning music theory will make you more clear and clear in your future creations, so this is a lesson that you can use to make use of the gap time, and you do not need a guitar at all. Today, when information is well-developed, cheap beats by dr dre you only need to download an app or a website that provides reliable information on your phone or tablet to learn. Imagine if you played guitar for only one hour (or two hours) a day, I don't think you would spend half an hour doing note-taking notes on the notes. However, using the gap time to learn the notes on the fingerboard is indeed exactly the cheap beats by dre same, so that since you do not have pressure, it will also make good use of spare time. Again, this is a skill that must be learned by musicians. Although it takes a certain amount of time to learn to watch, learning to recognize individual notes and tempo (for example, whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, etc.) is still very fast. Many people will watch TV shows or variety shows on mobile phones while they are on and off work. Although these are very interesting, they are not helpful for music. You can cheap beats headphones choose to watch a high-quality guitarist's performance video, which is an incentive for you.

This can be said to be a prerequisite for becoming a full-time musician. You need to maintain an open mind to accept the feelings brought about by different styles, and you must concentrate on listening to music, and do not double-minded. For example, although some rock guitarists can play some simple series or jazz, they are not qualified for experienced jazz musicians because they feel completely wrong. So you can completely put down the guitar and listen to all kinds of music.