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Anti-shielding invisible headset selection method

Can the anti-shielding system be detected by detecting dogs beats by dre wireless and other devices? First of all, a wireless signal detector is a device that detects wireless signals. As long as there are wireless signals, it can be detected. However, due to its own design and other reasons, it still cannot achieve correct positioning of the emission source. cheap beats Second, because of the detection accuracy of the probing dog, it is very sensitive to wireless signals. Once again, our living environment is full of wireless signals. Wireless signals include: mobile phones, walkie-talkies, television signals, wireless monitoring signals, and so on, so the detection of dogs because of their own reasons can not tell what the signal, from where to wait, so do not pose any cheap beats threat to the shielding system.

What is the shielding principle of the shielding system? The so-called anti-shielding is actually to prevent the shielding of the mobile phone. Since the device for shielding the mobile phone is very common in the real world, in general security applications, cell phone screeners are enabled so that the mobile phone cannot work normally. The anti-shielding system is to bypass the mobile phone and use the walkie-talkie.

The problem of the work interval of the anti-shielding system

The working interval of the anti-shielding system is mainly determined by the walkie-talkie. beats by dr dre The sensor only plays the role of sensing the wireless signal and has no relation with the interval. The distance between the sensor and the earphone should not exceed 30 cm.

Anti-shielding system to buy and pay attention to matters The most important part of the anti-shielding system is the sensor, so it is very important to buy, generally should use the regular manufacturers produce products, it has the right frequency, not running frequency and other characteristics, The production of small factories and individuals, easily lead to running frequency and other issues, affect the use of results, and even can not be used. Followed by the transceiver corresponding to the sensor, it should have the advantages of long transmission intervals and long working hours. Manufacturers of regular manufacturers generally have quality assurance and good after-sales service, at any time to solve any problem in the use of customers, and small factories do not have such strength.

How shielded systems work

The signal sent by the interphone is converted into a special signal that can be identified by the sensor, and the sound is emitted through induction.