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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • Listen to the sound master said HIFI audio power supply

    Speaking of power, I believe that everyone has the same feeling: but no matter how. Obviously know that the power supply can be said to be the basis of everything. If the power supply is insufficient, if you expand the machine, you will not be able to eat enough food. If you dont have enough food, how can the horse run well? If the power supply is dirty, the noise will flow into it. If there are too many impurities in the blood vessels, how can people get healthy? So, everyone knows that power is the most important thing. The problem is, how can you make your own power supply. Here, I want to talk to readers about my own experiences and opinions. However, don't expect too much because I'm just like you. In the face of power, there are few available chips. However, I am more fortunate than you are that I have had many years of experience installing things, and each time I come across different situations. My experience may be richer than you. The following are the geometric principles that I think most people can do. First of all, the first priority of the power supply is to "pass the traffic between people and vehicles." Sorry, it is the "analogue and digital" road. This kind of ratio and digital meaning is very wide, not only represents the sound. How do you say this? Let's take a look at the indoor lighting equipment. In the average home, there are probably four kinds of fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, energy-saving light bulbs (false white light bulbs, in fact, fluorescent lamps) and white light bulbs. These four types, except that the incandescent light bulbs are lighted by burning chicken eggs, others must rely on transformers and use alternative light methods. This means that, in addition to the incandescent lamp, other lamps will affect the purity of the power supply due to the 60 Hz flashing or the noise generated after the transformer heats up. In addition, the dimmer itself also emits noise. Like these less than clean lighting beats by dre on sale appliances not only affect the power supply, they also emit noise, affecting the quiet music. If you dont believe it, turn on the fluorescent light in the dead of night to hear if there is a very low frequency noise. From the above description, you will find that the glow of a white light bulb is continuous, that is, analogy; and the light emitted by a fluorescent lamp is discontinuous and rapidly flashing, and it is digital. So I said that in lighting, analogy and digital are also separate. What I mean is: If you are listening to music, it's better to just open a white light bulb. Wait until you have a look at the atmosphere before you turn on the other lights.

    In addition, I have said many times that all electric appliances that have motors must not be strung together with the audio power supply. Because as long as these electrical appliances start, noise will continue to enter your audio power. Maybe you haven't tried beats earphones this before, so here's another example to illustrate: My VTL350 once had a very slight noise in the speaker due to a switch contact problem, when I plug the laptop into the power supply. When the same socket is used and the computer is turned on, the noise in the speaker is immediately enhanced. Turn off the computer's power supply, and the noise will return to whisper. You see, even a high-quality laptop that connects its power supply to the audio can have this effect, not to mention the air-conditioner of a refrigerator, a washing machine, or a dryer.

    Again, the audio equipment is analogous to digital. Because digital lines are afraid of interference, they also interfere with others. This means that the digital equipment is so isolated that the lonely person makes him alone so that it will not be gregarious. sound

    The so-called adults are the high-powered rear-ends; the so-called children are the front-ends. If adults and children eat at the beats by dre same table, adults will always beats by dre eat more and more quickly, and children will always be left alone. Although the power consumed by the front-end is very small, all of them are sufficient. However, when some pure Class A high-power rear-end power supplies are used at any time, the power supply at home will also affect the front-end. Therefore, the front level alone draws a line for it, and the rear level gives it a separate one, so that each other will not snatch food. Everyone is safe. This is the case with loud digital equipment. It is better to give them an independent power supply. Do not mix them with other sounders to avoid mistakes.

    2018-05-22 10:29:36
  • How earplugs should be maintained

    Many people claim to be earplugs. After a pair of earplugs arrives, they become bodies after a few days. Although there is a relationship with the work of earplugs, if you pay attention to maintenance, it will extend beats by beats by dre wireless dre on sale the life of earplugs. Work is very bad, especially in the first batch, the problem is even more. However, this has been in my hands for several months. In addition to the old appearance, the rest is still normal.

    How to prolong the life of earplugs is not only for ordinary users, but also for some fans who are not allowed to do so. I talked briefly from my own feelings of use, hoping that we can have the effect of attracting attention and I hope everyone can The lack of correction.

    Earplugs are sophisticated products, so be sure to use them carefully

    First, the maintenance of ear plugs. At present, many ear plugs have selected gold-plated ear plugs, which is very helpful for reducing the impedance, and the transitional wear will also lead to changes in sound quality. This layer of gold plating is generally very thin. If the ear plugs are inserted and extracted several times, the surface will wear quickly, so it is recommended not to pull the ear plugs down. This is not only bad for earplugs, but also makes the interface of the camera loosen, resulting in problems such as poor contact.

    Second, the connection between the earbud wire and the earplug plug is only fixed with rubber. There is a solder joint inside. Pulling the cord downwards to pull the ear plugs easily causes the solder joints to fall off. This is also an undesirable behavior. The correct approach is to hold the ear plug and gently pull it out. Here is another one, that is, do not use too much force when pulling, too fast.

    Third, although today's ear pickles have many improvements over the previous ones. But also pay attention. Even the wires made of hollow materials should be taken care of because they are metal wires after all. If you do not pay attention at the time of collection, the line is folded at a hard angle, it is very easy to cause the wire to break and damage the earplug. Therefore, keep a certain arc when folding the line.

    Fourth, the outside of the earbud line should also pay attention to, if the external damage occurs, it will directly affect the life of the wire inside. Although the materials used for wire rods are different, they still belong to rubber products. Therefore, care must be taken in the maintenance of some rubber products. For example, do not contaminate wire with grease, acids, alkalis, etc. Use dry towels when these are present. Wipe clean. Worthy of attention is sweat. When sweating is easy in the summer, if the sweat stains the line, wipe it clean.

    Fifth, the earplug diaphragm is relatively hard at the factory, and the phonation principle of the earplug is the vibration of the diaphragm. In the case of large volume, the larger the amplitude of the earplug diaphragm from the original position, the more difficult it is to return to the initial position. This is like the principle of a spring, beyond the limit will not be able to reply. Therefore, it is recommended that you warm up the earplug first, and don't listen to the new earbud with a loud volume. Specific methods can refer to some tips for taking the opportunity.

    Sixth, earplugs are also a more sophisticated thing. Collisions can cause loosening or damage of internal parts. I once met a classmate who accidentally bumped her ear into the ground. Deformation of the diaphragm causes damage to the ear plug. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone try their best to avoid earplugs.

    Seventh, many people think that they must wear a sponge cover when listening to earplugs, otherwise it is easy to get dust into it. In fact, there is no need to worry so much. When the earplugs work, the diaphragm oscillates back and forth, and some small dust will bounce off. Magnets and other components were also blocked behind and did not have access to dust.

    Here is to say that some earplugs are not designed with soundproofing cotton outside the ventilation holes behind the back. This method can easily cause magnets to inhale dust and accelerate aging. Therefore, it is not recommended that you remove the soundproofing cotton. Also, since the front of earplugs is basically used Once it was a finer mesh, large dust could not come in. However, it is best to add a sponge cover when you do not listen to earplugs for a long time.

    Eighth, temperature and humidity. Excessive temperatures or excessive humidity can damage earplugs. In particular, the performance on the diaphragm is the most obvious. If the diaphragm is under high temperature and high humidity, the diaphragm of the earplug is easily deformed. . So do not get earplugs close to these places. Such as direct sunlight, fire, water and so on.

    There are still many issues regarding the maintenance of earplugs. If you do not use too much time, etc., here can not be listed one by one. Just to name a few examples, just because of some (except certain) causes of damage, you can't get warranty service.

    Earplugs are not more expensive and more solid, which we have long understood. Earplugs, though small, are valuable. If it is broken because of improper use, and it cannot be repaired, it is also a headache.

    The use of earplugs, please stick to use

    The function of the sponge cover is actually very large. After a friend received the earplug, he said that the bass is not good and he has to return it. On the second day, he said to me inside Q: Today I put the sponge cover on The sound quality suddenly changed.

    In fact, the role of sponge sets has three points: First, anti-skid, and second, to prevent leakage beats headphones on sale sound, the third is when the problem is too large, to prevent earplug shell and ear bone resonance.

    There are tiny sound holes in the earplugs. When you put the earplugs in the ears or on the outside, it is very likely that dust will enter the earplugs through these small holes. The earliest diaphragm is very thin, only a few microns. A bit of dust will cause the vibration of the diaphragm cheap beats to change, which will affect the sound quality and even cause damage to the ear plug. The ear plug cotton can block the sun from entering the ear plug and protect the ear plug.

    In summary, the earplug's sponge cover is very useful, please stick with it.

    2018-05-19 10:19:08
  • Headset selection dynamic or beats headphones moving iron

    Different types of earplugs in the difference in sound and wearing comfort is beats by dre wireless quite obvious, we first look at the principle of vocalization, there are common dynamic earplugs and moving iron earplugs, and dynamic circles occupy most of the market, there is a Electrostatic earplugs, because they are too small, are beyond the scope of this article. The inner structure of the moving coil earplug has a circular diaphragm, the back of the diaphragm is fixed with a magnetic coil, and the rear is provided with a round magnet. After being energized, the coil is driven by the magnetic field force to promote vibration of the diaphragm. Due to the low threshold of manufacturing of moving coil earplugs, the low-end earplugs on the market are almost always moving coils. This has caused misunderstandings to many users, thinking that the quality of dynamic coiled earplugs is not good, but it is not true. Many front-line brands The top earplugs are all dynamic iron earplugs. A small U-shaped iron piece is placed in the electromagnetic coil. After the coil is energized, the iron piece is pushed through the precision connecting rod structure to promote vibration of the diaphragm, and the moving iron earplug is used. It can consist of one or more moving iron units, which also allows many users to think that the more plugs built into the moving iron unit, the better the sound.

    It can thus be seen that the quality of the sense of hearing does not lie in the number of units but in the individual preferences of the users. At the same time, the inclusion of more moving iron units means that more complex tuning processes are required, the ability of manufacturers to control more units and the designer's tuning ideas also have an important influence on the final sound performance of moving iron ear plugs.

    So, who better sounds between moving coil and moving iron? This debate has a long history. Because there are no low-end earplugs in moving iron, many people use moving iron earplugs as a synonym for high-quality earbuds. This kind of thinking has certain deviations. Because there are many factors for the lack of low-end models of moving iron, the main reason for this is that the patent monopoly of moving iron unit manufacturers restricts the price of moving iron units, resulting in high sales prices of moving iron ear plugs. In the same price segment, the sound of moving iron earplugs does not have a distinct advantage over moving coil earbuds. The more significant difference between these two kinds of vocal structures is reflected in the sound style. Generally speaking, the sound of moving iron earplugs cheap beats is more accurate and calm, while the earplugs in moving circles are more real and natural. Of course, cheap beats these are relative and not absolute. For example, the Westone ES3 in the iron earplugs is very sensual. Therefore, judging from the superiority of both the moving and the moving coils, we must judge according to the specific circumstances of the two sides. There is no absolute good or bad between the moving coil earplugs and the moving iron earplugs. Both of them have excellent products and general products. .

    2018-05-17 10:33:44
  • What is the stethoscope effect How to solve the stethoscope effect

    Simply put, because the wire is hard, the sound that rubs against the clothes or when it comes into contact with other objects will enter the ear canal with the wire, and the messy sound will seriously affect the user's listening mood. In a nutshell, the stethoscope effect is that the headset will make a buzzing noise. For the music lovers who wear in-ear earbuds, the stethoscope effect is the beats earbuds biggest killer. Let's sit still and listen to the song. Not a solution, first of all we have to analyze the cause of the stethoscope effect:

    1, the headset's hard wire

    Since we all know that the harder the wire is, the more obvious the stethoscope effect is, the headphone manufacturers certainly beats solo know why they still choose the harder wire. Usually a good wire is harder to protect the copper wire inside. Of course, the wire change is not A good solution is that it cannot perfectly solve the effect of the stethoscope. It may also cause deterioration of the sound quality. The sound quality of the wire will also change.

    2. Friction with clothes and other objects (main reason)

    When objects rub together they produce sounds, making it impossible for us to sit still and listen to songs.

    How to solve the stethoscope effect

    1, can be tested under the ear hook, the general earphone to ear type can reduce the stethoscope effect.

    2. Wear the ear around the ear, and use a clip. The end of beats by dre wireless the line is fixed with a rubber band or a clip, and the method of stabilizing the line is used to reduce the shaking friction.

    3, walking the line in the clothes, reducing the line of shaking is also a good way;

    4. Move the headphone cord near the player upwards. Pulling the distance from the earbuds is the best way to reduce the length of the cord and avoid excessive contact and friction. cheap beats headphones Compare the portable player to the chest pocket. suitable.

    2018-05-15 10:18:33
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