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The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • Noise reduction headphones hurt the ears is not it?

    There beats by dre are two beats earphones ways to noise reduction in headphones, one is active noise reduction and the other is passive noise reduction. Active noise reduction function is through the noise reduction system and the external noise generated by the opposite acoustic waves, the noise and thus to achieve the effect of noise reduction. Active Noise Canceling Headphones Noise Canceling Circuits with Counterbalance to External Noise Most of them use bulky head-mounted designs that block out-of-body noises, constructions such as earbuds and headphone enclosures for the first round of soundproofing, There is plenty of room to install active noise reduction circuitry and power supplies.

    Passive noise-canceling headphones mainly surround the ears to form a closed space, or use silicone earplugs and other sound-insulating materials to block the external noise. Since the noise is beats by dre studio not processed by the noise reduction circuit chip, it can only block the high-frequency noise and has no obvious effect on the noise reduction of the low-frequency noise. Noise reduction Three noise reduction measures commonly used, that is, noise reduction at the sound source, noise reduction during propagation and noise reduction at the human ear, are both passive and passive.

    In order to eliminate the noise proactively, people invented the "active noise cancellation" technology. The principle is that all sounds consist of a certain spectrum, and if one can find a sound whose spectrum is exactly the same as the noise to be canceled, but with exactly the opposite phase (180 difference), this noise can be completely canceled . The key is how to get the noise that cancels the noise. The actual approach is: from the noise source itself, trying to reverse the phase of the original noise through the electronic circuit. Seen in this light, the active noise beats by dre wireless reduction technology is actually "poisonous attack."

    2018-02-10 10:28:35
  • Audio beats by dr dre interfaces of all kinds, beats headphones do you really get it?

    For the audio interface, most of the tails are still only aware of the 3.5mm headphone jack, and looking at some players or other interface provided on the desktop device feel inexplicable headache it? In fact, some audio interfaces have their own unique features and functions, and only when we really understand it, can we play more tricks on audio devices. This time, I will brief you on several common audio interfaces, I believe after reading a lot of audio devices on the interface will have a new understanding. First of all, to introduce the most common TRS interface, which is the kind of cylindrical plug we saw in daily life, according to the size of the plug can be divided into 6.35mm, 4.4mm, 3.5mm and 2.5mm Four, for most people, 3.5mm TRS interface should be the most commonly used, that is, the vast majority of headphone jack size, and 6.35mm interface more common in desktop or high-end equipment, 4.4mm and 2.5mm The size is currently mainly used for balanced interface, the former is the definition of Sony's balance port specifications, the latter definition of AK balance port specifications. For the common 3.5mm plug, you can find the metal plug is cut into three segments by two pieces of insulating material, corresponding to the left channel, right channel and ground. If you can see the plug is cut off by the insulating material The four segments, then there are two possibilities, one is the part of the language signal is added, that is, beats by dre wireless the microphone; the second is the connector for the balance, four were left channel, right channel, left ground and right ground , So that left and right channels separately ground, improve the sound separation. Then talk about RCA interface, the interface we can often see in the speakers, TVs and other equipment, commonly known as "Lotus head." The RCA terminal uses a coaxial transmission of signals. The center shaft can be used to transmit signals. The outer contact layer is used for grounding. Because one RCA terminal can only transmit one-channel audio signal, the 2.0A speaker , Left and right channel audio signals need to be transmitted separately, but also allows us to often see the existence of double RCA interface.

    Optical interface may be familiar with many tail interface, and its principle is the use of light from the optical media into the optical thinning medium so as to have total reflection, so the transmission speed is more dominant. The type of optical interface is divided into FC, SC, ST, SC and so on a variety of, our common is the square mouth SC connector. XLR interface, commonly known as "Kainong mouth", the pin of the terminal in the basic 3-pin, common in some desktop power amplifier equipment or high-end headphones, you can transmit a balanced signal. In addition to these audio interfaces described above, there are a lot of professional equipment used in the interface specifications, do not go here one by one, although most of us usually only come into contact with the TRS interface, but if there is a real need to buy high-end desktop Equipment, I believe that looking at the back of the dense interface, you will not feel guilty of course, of course, there is a very important point, that is, wiring may wish to read more equipment read the instructions, to avoid mistakes Oh!

    2018-02-08 10:13:53
  • Poor headphones on the body harm?

    Why so poor bad headphones so that consumers can afford to buy it? First of all, the performance of the midrange area is often a spoof of bad headphones, "magic", because the voices and popular songs are often the main voice is focused In the midrange part, the earphone product is easier to show the detail of the midrange, although the quality is very poor, but basically it can also hear clearly what things are put in. Many consumers try to listen to inferior headphones when they can hear clearly Sing something on the line, so you can easily be fooled.

    Secondly, some consumers do not realize how bad headphones hurt the body. They think that spending so much money on a headset is not worth it. Spending a few bucks can still listen to music, just to make and sell inferior headphones. People got a hole

    Poor headphones endanger your health

    The bad health of bad headphones is a problem often overlooked by everyone. In fact, the bad headphones is like the harm you put on a construction site or drill head, if you often under the noise of life, physical and mental health is also self-evident.

    Poor headphones high-pitched area is a hearing killer health, too sharp treble is very easy in an instant to make your hearing fatigue, which is inferior to beats by dre the bad bass destruction much faster. Many people's hearing starts to decline when they are young, largely due to the spiky, high-frequency attacks. If things go on like this, the most serious consequence may be loss of hearing.

    A rather surprising situation is that there are many expensive headphones, their voices will still cause harm to your hearing and physical and mental health, the most common situation is too strong bass. How to buy high-quality beats by dre wireless headphones?

    How to choose the right headset

    Poor headphones because the production of materials used is relatively poor, the headset without any test, so inferior headphones profitable.

    Why some of the original high-priced headphones have unqualified problem? Now many Walkman manufacturers in order to reduce costs and improve their competitiveness, desperately to make an issue on the headset and other accessories, even if it is tens of dollars of the difference can also attract consumer. So as consumers in raising awareness of danger at the same time, to master some of the skills to identify headphones.

    The easiest way to identify a headset is: Listen for about 10 to 15 minutes, if the ear has a pain, dizziness, and a slight nausea, then this headset is likely to be poor quality products.

    In the purchase of high-priced headphones, we beats by dre can generally look at the headset work, audition effect of these two aspects to identify the true and false headphones. Original headset work is very detailed, there is no flash, the junction is very smooth. Headphone manufacturers mark the printing is very clear, there is no word off, the length of the headset line and the packaging described above. The fake workmanship is very rough, printing marks touch will fall out. Headphones are mostly used glue sticky, above you can see obvious signs of glue, and as long as the hard headphone can be apart. Headphone cable length is shorter, less material, feel hard.

    When the original headphones to listen to the effect is very good, no noise, high school bass performance is particularly good; and fake headphones generally sound relatively thin, like stereo radio, no bass. There may even be beats by dre sale "creak" noise, or a volume of a small volume situation. So if you buy these products appear above these problems, then the headset is mostly problematic.

    2018-02-06 10:29:18
  • The basic content of the audio processor digital processor output

    There are a lot of audio processors in life. What are the basic contents for audio processors? Do you understand the digital processor output function?

    Signal Input Routing (ROUNT): The function is to let this output channel select which input channel to accept. Generally, you can select A (1) input, B (2) input or mixed input mono), if you choose A,

    Then the channel signal from input A, do not accept the input B signal, if you choose A + B, then, no matter A or B, which signal, this channel will have a signal coming in.

    High pass filter (HPF): This is used to adjust the lower limit of the output signal, such as the speaker to adjust the next crossover point, the internal usually consists of three parameters, one is the frequency used to select the required frequency limit, Another is the filter form, there are three kinds of general, LR, BESSAL, butworth, if you do not understand, you can choose LR, the beats by dre third parameter is the filter slope, generally 6,12,18,24,48dB / OCT several, too much I have also said that this slope means that the greater the value you choose, the more clean the points.

    Low-pass filter (LPF): It is used to adjust the upper limit of the output signal frequency, like the control subwoofer on the crossover point, the internal regulation beats headphones cheap and HPF.

    HPF and LPF combination is the band-pass filter, such as an external 3-way speaker, the crossover point is 500/3000 Hz, then the bass LPF on the election 500, mid-channel HPF election 500, LPF election 3000, Treble channel HPF selected 3000, the filter type selected LR, frequency-division slope of 24, generally not wrong.

    In addition, some processors combine the filter form with the divide-by-ramp rate as an option.

    Output equalization Generally balanced with the same input method, but the general output balance is only a parametric equilibrium, and there is no graphic equalization options.

    The polarity of the output polarity is the same as that of the input section. It is used to convert the polarity of the output signal. Some processors also have a PHASE adjustment on the output side.

    Output limiter: There are generally three parameters adjustable, that is, start-up level, start-up time and recovery time. Start Level Adjustment According to the characteristics of beats by dre power amplifier and speaker, usually under normal circumstances, the beats by dre wireless power amplifier should not make a red light, start-up time and recovery time according to the frequency to choose low-frequency with slow start fast recovery, high-frequency with fast start slow recovery , Intermediate frequency.

    2018-02-03 10:28:23
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