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  • Anti-noise earplugs useful soundproofing earplugs harm

    Soundproof earplugs (also known as anti-noise earplugs, earplugs, anti-noise earplugs, sleep earplugs) are generally made of silicone or low pressure foam molding material, high elasticity polyester material. After being inserted into the ear canal, it is in close contact with the external auditory canal to isolate the sound from the middle ear and the inner ear (ear drum) to achieve the purpose of sound insulation, thus enabling people to get a restful sleep or work environment.

    A, earplugs classified

    1, according to the material classification

    Silicone earplugs: The price is more than 500 times the gap between the cost and the cost of the homemade earplugs. The silicone earplugs are softened with warm water before putting them into the ear canal. Using the characteristics of using 5 times repeatedly with high hardness, can cause the ear canal pain can not be continuous and effectively muted and low cost The use of silica gel construction earplugs, though not airtight and non-porous, but due to its rubber hardness rebound and adult different types of ear canal completely coincide with a small beats by dre sale chance, it will cause pinhole leaks or small holes leak, a leak Gas soundproofing reduces the noise to about 20 to 30 decibels. The inner wall of the ear canal is soft and flexible. The obstruction of the ear can lead to redness of the ear canal, leakage of the ear plugs, and pain in the sleeping side. This can not effectively achieve long-term comfort and quietness. Inconsistent with the wall of the ear curve, which can lead to red and swollen earaches, it is impossible to insert it into long-term use, beats earbuds and the quality of noise and sleep decreases. The characteristics of this product are now used to use the hardness with the use of the finished material is airtight after the finished rubber-like, so that the ear canal comfort and sound insulation is good, to ensure a pair of silicone earplugs cost to do this earplug more than 500 pairs can be continuously placed in the ear canal Use N years without any discomfort.

    Sponge-type earplugs: The low-pressure foam molding material, anti-noise earplugs made of high-resilience polyester materials have a smooth surface, slow rebound, no pain when the ear is used, and the sound insulation effect is between 25dB-40dB. This kind of earplug is very suitable for sleep use every night, but because of the slow rebound effect after washing, it cannot be used repeatedly. In general, the sponge earplugs are disposable. However, with the development of science, there are also some sponge ear plugs on the market that can be used repeatedly for more than six months and can be scrubbed.

    Wax earplugs: Wax earplugs are the earliest ancestors of anti-noise earplugs, which can be softened by hand and shaped to fit the ear canal. However, the disadvantage is that it is not hygienic. The wax may remain in the ear canal and it is difficult to clean. And wearing a long ear will feel pain.

    2, according to shape classification

    The most common form of anti-noise earplugs is the bullet head type. There are also Bacou's patented rocket (T-shaped), horn, cylindrical and tripod.

    Bullet shaped

    The more commonly used type, the well-known sponge earplugs that are comfortable and soundproof.

    Rocket type

    Easy to pull out, but it can easily cause gaps in the ear canal, resulting in poor sound insulation.


    The center is hard and easy to insert earplugs for silicone material.

    Christmas tree shape

    Silicone material is generally used to bring a slight feeling of pain, for labor protection earplugs and swimming earplugs.


    The derivation of the bullet head shape is an earplug shape independently developed by 3M.


    The softness of the earplug is very high and it can be easily shaped into a shape suitable for the ear canal. However, compared with the bullet head and the rocket type, since the two heads are the same width, the end that enters the ear canal does not easily fit into the size of the ear canal.

    3, classified by function

    Labor insurance earplugs

    The same use of silica gel, can prevent the sound of the eardrum caused by the machine discomfort, anti-noise performance is good, but relatively hard, wearing a significant sense of pain, not suitable for sleep use. General labor-friendly earplugs are equipped with a rope for easy removal at any time.

    Sleep earplugs

    It is generally made of soft, slow-rebound materials. Until now, the noise resistance of sleep earplugs on the market has basically reached the level of silicone. However, because the material is not as waterproof as silicone, it is inconvenient to clean and is not used in the production workshop. It is generally used for daily sleep. There are also lines, but often feel uncomfortable on the neck when sleeping.

    Swimming earplugs (waterproof earplugs)

    To prevent water from entering the ear canals, materials with good waterproof properties, such as silica gel, are generally used. But there is a feeling of pain in the ears. Not suitable for sleep and daily use.

    Second, the use of earplugs

    The earplugs grow into strips, and the finer they are, the easier it is to wear.

    Plug in: Pull up the upper ear and insert two-thirds of the earplug into the ear canal.

    Hold: Hold the earbuds for about 20 seconds until cheap beats by dre the earbuds swell and block the ear canal.

    Pull out: When you remove the earbuds after use, gently rotate the earbuds and pull them out.

    Third, the soundproof earplugs to identify good and bad

    1, slow rebound effect

    The elasticity is too large. When the earplugs are inflated, they can compress the skin of the external auditory canal and can cause discomforts such as ear swelling and earache. When the elasticity is too small, they cannot be in close contact with the external auditory canal and the sound insulation effect is reduced. Therefore, the earplug's rebound speed must be observed. The longer the rebound time, the better the quality.

    2, softness

    Softness directly affects how comfortable earplugs are worn.

    3, surface texture

    Some earplugs feel sticky and stick in the ear and stick to the skin of the ear canal. Avoid buying.

    The best way to discriminate is to stick the two earplugs tightly together and separate them to see if they are separated as quickly as possible.

    Four, earplugs use precautions

    Wash hands before use.

    Clean the ear canal before wearing to reduce secretions.

    Tap the earbuds for 30 seconds until the earbuds are fully inflated and set.

    Replace or clean earplugs in time.

    Five, sleep earplugs useful?

    Our common earplugs are usually made of silicone or highly elastic polyester material. After inserting into the ear canal, they are in close contact with the external ear canal to achieve sound insulation. So that people can get a quiet rest or work environment, no noise interference, people can rest well.

    However, because each person's outer ear contour is different, the soundproof earplugs using general materials can not play the role of sound insulation, and it is best to use elastic materials. Otherwise, the soundproof earplugs will press the skin of the external auditory canal due to excessive expansion, resulting in uncomfortable symptoms such as ear swelling and pain.

    There is also the use of soundproof earplugs that may cause cerumen to be pushed into the middle ear, which may cause tinnitus and diminish hearing. In addition, anti-noise earplugs may also cause otitis, because in a warm, humid environment, bacteria will multiply more vigorously, and inflammation will appear one after another.

    Sixth, the noise of earplugs

    The use of earplugs may cause cerumen to be pushed into the middle ear while the earplug is inserted into the ear canal, which can cause tinnitus, diminish hearing, pain or bacterial infection. Users with excessive cerumen should use earplugs more carefully, and earplugs should often be washed with water and mild soap. However, foam-type earbuds are usually disposable and disposable, and they can lose their slow-rebound properties after soaked in water.

    In addition, anti-noise earplugs may also be a trigger for otitis, because in warm, humid environments, many bacteria multiply more vigorously.

    However, the use of noise-proof earplugs is generally safe, but some potential hazards that may arise from long-term use beats by dr dre must be prevented: Insertion of the earbuds can cause air pressure in the middle ear to rise and push the eardrum to cause pain because the earplugs are inserted too deeply. To avoid this danger, first squeeze the earplug into the ideal position, and when the earplug is fully inflated, it is better not to push in. And vice versa, in order to prevent the ear drum from being squeezed when pulling out the earplug, the earplug should be slowly unscrewed and not pulled out.

    2018-04-18 10:24:13
  • Does a directional microphone point at an actor and record a good voice?

    First of all, directionality refers to the range in which the microphone can record sound, not its usage.

    The directionality is divided into omni-directional, 8-word-oriented and heart-shaped. To put it simply, omnidirectional is that the sound around the microphone is recorded in average, 8 words point to only the front and back of the sound is normal income, while the two sides are very weak, the heart-shaped point to only the front of an angle The voice is normally received, both sides and behind are faint; while the heart-shaped and distracted-pointing and super-cardioid-pointing, we usually refer to the gun-type strong pointing microphone refers to the super-cardioid-oriented. The difference between the three is the size of the angle that the microphone can normally receive in front of the microphone. In this way, it can be found that, in beats solo fact, one important role of directivity in simultaneous recording is to avoid noise. For the country it can greatly weaken the sound in the direction you do not need.

    Of course, debilitating noise is not simply directed. Here is a very important concept in the recording, which is the signal-to-noise ratio. As the name implies, SNR is the ratio of effective signal to noise. So why do you need a signal-to-noise ratio? It's because in the post-production period, when you raise the volume, the beats by dre on sale beats by dre signal and the noise are raised together. When you lower the volume, the signal and the noise are also attenuated at the same time. If the signal-to-noise ratio is not good, then it may happen that you raise the volume of the dialogue cheap beats headphones to the right loudness but the noise becomes very obvious, or you reduce the noise to acceptable, but the dialogue is inaudible.

    A directional microphone can point at an actor and record good sound. The directivity is only to attenuate noise, but we also need to increase the strength of the sound signal. How to increase signal strength? For sound, raising the signal is only related to one factor: distance. The attenuation of a country's sound is proportional to the square of the distance to the sound source. A friend who has shot with the camera's random wheat must have had such an experience. When you are within one meter from the person being photographed, the effect of his talking sound is still Satisfactory, but once he uses two meters long focal lengths, the voice becomes weaker, and if the distance is three meters away, it is almost impossible to hear the dialogue. So, no matter what microphone you use, you need to be close enough to the sound source, which is why when you shoot a movie, you need to put the microphone in front of the actor. It is not necessary to use the pick bar during the same period of recording, but to send the microphone to a good recording position when the person cannot approach. However, it is not that the microphone is closer to the performer. There is also a phenomenon of sound, called near-speaking effect. This means that if the microphone is too close to the sound source, the low frequency of the sound will be aggravated, making the dialogue muddy and affecting the clarity of the dialogue.

    2018-04-16 10:29:23
  • Mobile phone headset noise AIDS how to eliminate phone headset murmur

    How to eliminate phone headphone noise

    1. It is possible that there is a possibility of a headphone port current problem in the mobile phone. This is a problem with the mobile phone hardware. You can change the headset to check it.

    2. It may be that the earphone jack is cheap beats by dr dre not plugged in. You can rotate the earphone plug to detect it.

    3. There may be a problem with the headphone circuit. Generally, due to the tangled wire, the circuit is worn out. Generally, the headphone cable beats earphones and the plug link section may be detected at the back end of the plug.

    4. Then there is the problem with the headset itself, which may be caused by the surrounding electromagnetic radiation current sound may also be the current performance of the headset itself is not good sound, better headphones even when the audio output current sound can also be filtered out .

    What is the noise of mobile phone headset?

    First of all, you have to check that there is noise in your mobile phone. Why? Specifically there is a problem with the headphone jack, or is there a problem with your phone's headphone, or is there a problem with the video and audio you downloaded? If it is the first one, then it is recommended that you go to the customer service center to check it and fix your headphone jack. If it is the second one, it is recommended that you replace the headset. The current mobile phone headset is not very expensive, probably less than 100 can buy an original headset. Of course, there are no major flaws in the headphone noise, but not in the ears. If it is the third type, it is recommended that you download high quality MP3 files. Of course, to remove these reasons, there may be problems with your phone itself. For example, a mobile phone or a fake mobile phone in a cottage, and a parallel mobile phone cannot give very good playback results. Of course, the maintenance of the mobile phone is also very important. For example, the mobile phone should not be used or used for too long. Or the headset is littered everywhere, and the audio cable is easily broken. Or more dust, affecting the beats earbuds circuit contact.

    2018-04-11 10:21:11
  • When the headphone meets the game Headset the guide

    Because the game headset and the music headset service different objects, or the pursuit of different sound effects, so always give people a sense of heavy appearance, this really can not blame people, in order to create a better scene effect, Game manufacturers to consider from sound insulation, wear and other aspects, the cool shape of the pull of the game headset compared to the literary atmosphere of music headphones in the game more sense of substitution. Difference between music headphones and gaming headphones is actually very simple, nothing more than a good music headphones: a good sense of atmosphere, as the saying goes, can always touch you burst into tears. Good game headset: Positioning is good, listen to listen to the enemy to get rid of the enemy. Most of the area has a frosted outer layer, but a mirror-like decoration is embedded on the back of the entrance so that the overall headphone will not be beats earphones too boring. The headset with wheat wire control is a small size shape, and on the right side of the line, when the wear line solution close to the user's mouth, effectively improving the omnidirectional microphone pickup effect. The remote only integrates a button for answering/hanging up the phone or pause/continue playing music. The keys use different matte materials for blind operation, which is convenient for positioning by touch.

    And the game is very close to the trend, low-frequency and midrange vocal voice is more prominent, although the headset does not have a sufficient amount of low-frequency, but it is very powerful and strong, with a good sense of rhythm. The vocals are very prominent and close to the ears. This seems to be to cater to the needs of the current popular music. There is a clear stratification of the instruments and vocals, and they will not be mixed together. This is different from the vocal images beats earbuds that are quite clear. The instrument is beats headphones cheap soft and has a good connection with the high frequency part. Speaker unit, tri-band has its own characteristics, bass full of elasticity, a wide range of midrange, smooth treble without burr sense, the overall sound field is very open. Kefeng's function is very practical in the game, natural noise reduction makes the sound fuller, louder, and clearer, noisy for the game player's teammates who have always complained, and some indissoluble environmental noise

    2018-04-09 10:32:19
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