Sunny yellow gardening

A spot of sunny yellow gardening this week, Nanna’s garden this time! Somehow I just knew it was a sunny yellow day and went for my favourite cardigan when I rummaged through my drawers!

I have a guest post with Mumsdays on mixing Toddler Art with Wildlife!


I had my brilliant helper out again, Joss is asking to go outside more and more, she is also showing her stubborn side when told that we are staying indoors, for example because she has no clothes on yet, her response to throwing a wobbler? “I’m not sorry!”


9 thoughts on “Sunny yellow gardening

  1. Hello there, what a lovely blog-our little boy is always asking to go outside and loves wielding garden implements! Really enjoyed reading your post, looking forward to reading more xxx

  2. Yellow and Green – colours to celebrate Spring – and isn’t it wonderful that it’s finally here!
    Your flowers are so bright and happy!
    Emma :-)

  3. I love that yellow cardigan, reminds me of one I used to have, such a fab colour yellow, instantly makes you feel fab. Love the pottering in Nanna’s garden, gorgeous colours.

  4. Yellow is just the happiest colour isn’t it? That yellow cardi is just perfect for this time of year – cheerful :)
    Thanks for joining in again – yellow rule! (It’s bad I am hankering custard now isn’t it?!)

  5. Love all the yellow in the photos, very sunny gardens. It’s great that Joss is enjoying the outside and great to see that she is even offering a helping hand.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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