Lazy crochet hooks

Real Life

Lately I’ve been too tired to pick up my hooks and this little granny square blanket was making me feel guilty, I couldn’t finish it, so instead I put down my lazy crochet hooks and turned it into a cushion cover, one work in progress down, two to go!


I used this method for afixing, from Knitting on Trains and it served me rather well, it seems I stopped crocheting at just the right time to fit my Ikea cushion inner!

Some new washi tapes arrived this week, so watch this space for more makes!


And finally Joss has been cracking us up with some hilarious phrases including

“it’s alright for some”

said randomly when we were talking about taking the bus to the beach! By the looks of it, it certainly is alright for some!


Blog life

Not much to report, I enjoyed writing a post about life as a no car family with kids and received my highest ever views for a single post after a kind soul tweeted it out and it got RT’d frequently over a few days much to my surprise and delight!



I absolutely love Wolves in London and was inspired by her posts on finding and printing vintage images, armed with a £1 transfer paper pack of two sheets and a printer I set to work and will be sharing the results next week, lets just say I’ll be trying this again and no fabric is safe from the printer and iron!!

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3 thoughts on “Lazy crochet hooks

  1. Awww, your lazy crochet cushion reminds me of the ‘chastity’ blanket my Grandma made me (I was told I could put it on my bed but if I ever live with a man, I had to take it off!!) – it’s lovely :)

    I LOVED your post on being a new car family, so I’m not surprised it went viral. I was wondering if you’d be interested in writing it from a slightly different angle for me as a guest post? I’ll email in more detail!!

    It certainly is alright for some, Joss, looks like the happiest person in the NE on that photo. Adorable xxxx


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