Gift Wrapping with Tissue Paper and Fantastic Ribbons

I recently became a Fantastic Ribbons Blogger, my love of washi, ribbons and buttons is no secret so working with a brand that sells all of these lovelies and more was just up my street! Their strapline the more you buy the more you save are words all crafters love to hear, I am an organised crafter and like to stock up in one place so a discount that stacks up as you buy appeals to me.

My first project with them was to choose two items from their store and get creative. When I saw this fuchsia paisley wired ribbon and these candy buttons they just went together so well and said creative ‘gift wrapping’ to me!


Did you know that you can use wired ribbon for all sorts of crafty purposes? They make lovely structured bows, give texture to craft projects and it’s really satisfying to make simple roses from too!

I like to make gift wrapping look really special, especially for handmade gifts as I want that homespun feel to shine through.

If you cut about a half metre of wired ribbon and knot one end you can pull the wire out of the other end of the ribbon (just on one side mind) and gather all that lovely organza up, then simply start at the knot and wind the organza together in a concentric circle to make a rose (there’s a great tutorial here)

With some lovely tissue paper and ribbons and a few buttons glued in stacks you have a really special gift that’s so pretty your lucky someone will not want to unwrap!


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