What’s the story?

What's the story?

What a fab idea for a linky from Podcastdove! I loved Mummy Barrow’s contribution and knew I had just the photo!

This was taken by my hubby in Paris on honeymoon in July 2011. We had a whole week to enjoy the city and this photo takes pride of place on our living room wall. Called Shhhh by Jef Aerosol this mural is next to the Stravinsky fountain near then Pompidou Centre, I like urban art and this is breathtaking, we read more about the man himself on returning home and learned it’s a self portrait, the red arrow his signature and his work can be spotted around France using this as its identifier.

I love this photo because it reminds me of our honeymoon, but also I love that when my hubby took it, a bird was just taking flight, if you look closely it’s not part of the mural but it looks like it could be!

5 thoughts on “What’s the story?

  1. I studied urban art as part of my degree many years ago. I love the juxtaposition of the buildings next to it; almost modern v’s post-modern but enough of the art critique. I love this and would frame this if it were mine too – one of my favourite photos I’ve seen in absolute ages ;)

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