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The awesome Hannah from Mumsdays has started a new linky for recapping the week, looking back across blog and social media to see what’s happened, what’s gone well and what’s been popular. In my case this week it’s a bit ‘mock the week’ because I’ve been on a collision course to disaster starting with an almost faint and ending with a fall but next week WILL be better!

My favourite post of the week involved eating this bad boy banoffee pie!


I also really enjoyed doing the research for my post on toddler play schemas, any mum of an under three needs to take a look at the links I posted, it explains a LOT about Joss’ play personality and behaviour! This was a post that got a lot of my friends talking on some of the Facebook groups I frequent which was great, I also hit my best ever page views for it which is AMAZING!

Monday this week started with a call to the doctors about another nearly faint, I have very low blood pressure so am reading about staying healthy and upright! Tuesday saw Joss and I meet up with Hannah and Aggie and their boys – ‘farm boys’ as Joss called them, because she got to run around Bill Quay Farm with them, her favourite place in all the world! I really enjoyed some adult conversation and hope we can continue some #nemumshour and #nepblogger meets, would be great to see Grace soon too!

Onto Wednesday, a work day for me, I got to finalise a blog post that I hope will be published in a professional capacity which is really good for my profile! Wednesday evening was #nemumshour over on twitter and it was great to celebrate finishing my dissertation! I blogged a wee piece about my journey


Now I have some free time I’ve been reading some blog posts about pursuits I’d like to take up, I especially love crochet so Attic 24 is always lovely to stop by. I also enjoyed seeing what other folks have been doing with their Cake Angels goodies, don’t these look and sound amazing! Ruth’s fab series on summerwear saw me getting excited for nicer weather and Joss will finally get to wear a daisy print dress I bought last year in the sales!

This week ended with me taking a tumble from these bad boys, I’m fine, pride is a bit hurt but I’ll be back in my skyscrapers tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Mock The Week Mums’ List

  1. It was dissapointing not to be able to meet up with you all, would’ve been so much fun! I still have an ear and sinus infection, but it’s getting better (slowly). I have low blood pressure too, so I can totally empathise, I think have fainted around 200 times now!

  2. My first ever linker!! This is lush – summer, banoffee pie (I’m HAVING some of that this weekend!) and finishing your dissertation! A massive congratulations. I seriously don’t know how you do it and makes me feel very inadequate.

    Sorry to hear about the fainting, I hope that gets sorted very soon xx and don’t forget even the ‘professional walkers’ fall in heels (ala Naomi Campbell!)

    Speak on Wednesday and have a great weekend! xxx #MumsList

  3. Hi!!

    It looks like everyone has such a good day at the farm! Hope I can tag along next time (sorry, we!).

    Well done on finishing your dissertation! The binding has to be one of the worst bits! Maybe I’m weird but I think it’s stressful?!?! I really wanted to do an MA but I could never justify the spend and now there’s just no way :-(

    Looking forward to reading next week!



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