Mammy (0) – The hot footed kid (1)

This week was not my finest, not by a long shot. When your day starts like this maybe you should’ve known!


This week Joss got the rotavirus, except I didn’t realise until we’d gone out for the day, to a museum, with a packed lunch and big plans.

OK so we saw the dinos, and the animals, I thought a bit about Night at the Museum and we had cake, and then it all went a bit wrong, and a bit smelly…

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So we popped into a section of the Museum called the Mouse Hole, totally sweet little under fives room, with dressing up stuff and stuffed animals and a hole in the wall leading to a little secret room for children to hang out amongst softplay sized chunks of cheese cushions. Sounds great I hear you say. I looked in there though and it made me come out in a cold sweat, the entrance was teeny, I decided we’d play in the main room instead, until Joss asked for water, I headed for her bag as she headed for the mouse hole, “hang on darling, Mammy’s got your water, one sec”. Joss got in the mouse house. Too quick for me…


I peered through the adult height window, “come to Mammy sweetheart, lets play out here…please…” – “NO!”

Oh well, I thought, she’ll come out soon, but then I heard straining and grunting, and she was getting upset. Claustrophobic, I started to feel hot and ill, then the smell reached me, good grief!

I panicked.

My super Mam reflexes kicked in, did I push my fear aside and go in and get my girl?

I’m not proud of this but I had to get someone else’s four year old to bring Joss out for me, I couldn’t see an adult sized door and was too scared I’d get stuck in the toddler sized tunnel leading off the front door.

Having never had to bathe a child in a tiny sink I had my first and only wish that I had disposable and not washable wipes, I’ve also never looked at a cloth nappy and wished I could bin it rather than wash it, but this poor child has suffered this week :(

I’ve started a wee scarf for her and she has rested, I’m telling you now though, we aren’t going to that Mouse Hole again until she’s old enough to come back out!


2 thoughts on “Mammy (0) – The hot footed kid (1)

  1. This sounds like a nightmare of a week for you. I think I would have panicked in that situation, I can’t believe there isn’t a door for the adults to go through. I hope things are getting better for you.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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