Magical days out

We’ve planned a few days out over the Christmas break, and started with a toddler group trip to White House Farm. Joss is shaping up to be a real animal lover, what a treat to hold and stroke some of the animals, see the huskies and experience the magic of Christmas in Santa’s grotto.




How much does she understand?

Not a lot, but she has learned the words to When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney beautifully and recognises robins, snowmen and ‘reineers’ in her books so I know next year is just going to be amazing!


Looking forward to 2014 we have our 30th Birthdays, Joss’ 2nd birthday, perhaps a family holiday and my graduation from this masters that has taken over my life, with my research placement starting January, a busy year but much to look forward to including weddings, births and new friends to be made!

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