Christmas Gift Guide Part 3 – IKEA’s cuddly toys that keep giving

It’s no secret that Miss Jossy is a big fan of cuddly toys, she’s a really affectionate, caring girl and takes a lot of time to feed, cuddle and pat her toy animals and bears.

We’ve always loved IKEA’s range of stuffed toys, they’re really innovative in design, affordable and just promote role play and storytelling so well. The TORVA range is a big favourite at babygroup stuffed vegetables, great fun and lots of new words to be learned too!

IKEA’s soft toys don’t just make a brilliant and cuddly gift, for every soft toy and children’s book sold between 20th October 2013 and 4th January 2014 IKEA Foundation will donate €1 to children’s education through UNICEF and Save the Children. Since 2003, the campaign has reached more than 10 million children through 90 projects in 46 different countries, so the impact of this project is brilliant, and there are some great festive toys available too.

We were lucky to be offered a product to review for our gift guide, and Joss chose SOTNOS, a beautiful soft deer suitable for children 12 months and up.


I know he’s going to be another friend for life, and she’s been chattering away about the reindeer (except it sound more like RayMears!) his ears, spotty back and his little top, so once again fun, learning and creative play really come through!

As you can see SOTNOS has made a place in her heart, and found a place on her chair!


Why not spread some Christmas cheer and get behind a great campaign at the same time?

Disclaimer: we received this cuddly toy as a review item, all views are my own

One thought on “Christmas Gift Guide Part 3 – IKEA’s cuddly toys that keep giving

  1. I had no idea Ikea sold soft toys! This one is super cute and it’s even better that they are raising money for charity :) x

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