Caught in the moment

A short post as we’re all pretty tired here. I caught a quick but fuzzy snap of Joss having a read in her little chair, she’s usually never still! My Mam said that I was described as a “wormy bairn” always moving and so I guess Joss is a (book) wormy bairn too!

She loves books, I am so pleased as I am a book worm, I can’t wait to share Enid Blyton and Grimm’s Fairy Tales with her!


3 thoughts on “Caught in the moment

  1. Oh Enid Blyton, I was SUCH a fan. Faraway (or was it Enchanted) Tree was my absolute favourite. As I know there was more than one, maybe it was both of them.
    Lovely photo. My Aaron loves books too.
    Thank you for saying you’d link up with #SaidItSaturday next week.
    Liska xx

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