A bit of history

9th July 2011 I married my best friend after over ten amazing years together! We celebrated our two year anniversary last week and I looked through some old photos. We’ve changed a lot over the years but always have a smile for each other, no matter what changes around us, or changes us. I feel quite old looking at these photos, typically photos of us together are from holidays or nights out where everything is light and fun, but it did remind me that we need to take some time out soon just Mam and Dad, to touch base, catch up and make sure we’re here for each other as well as for Jossy. Tips on making this happen without guilt at leaving a gorgeous tot would be appreciated!


Now that we have Joss we’re a family of three + dog. We took her to see where we got married, Saltwell Park will always hold a special place in our hearts so we’ll make lots of return trips in the years to come…

Image IMG_6199 Image

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