7/365 Batch cooking to get ahead

I’m picking up the pace on my uni work and most naptimes and sleeptimes are spent writing so I’ve tried to get ahead with some cooking to give myself a head start over the next few weeks. This recipe makes 10 bean burgers for the freezer.

Warm a 400g tin of kidney beans and a 400g tin of cannellini beans for 3-4 minutes and drain. Set aside and grate two large carrots and finely chop three spring onions. Cook the carrots and spring onions gently in some spray oil and a clove of garlic until softened. Mash your beans together with a potato masher or ricer leaving some beans whole but mostly mashed (I prefer not to blend as I like a chunkier texture). Mix together with the veggies and a teaspoon of paprika and season to taste.

Once cool add a tablespoon of flour to bind and scoop out ten portions of the mix, making into a ball with your hands and then flattening to a chunky burger shape onto clingfilm or foil. Parcel up the ten burgers and freeze to enjoy later.


One thought on “7/365 Batch cooking to get ahead

  1. This sounds great – I’ve got more beans in the cupboard than I know what to do with!! This is a lovely healthy alternative, that sounds super quick – I’ll give it a go :) xx Good luck with all your work, sounds like you’re being super mum! xxx

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