Mumslist feat Mollie Makes Blogging

Real life

Remember this post featuring Nelly’s gorgeous new piglets?

Well they got big!


This has been my week, Farm, home, lunch, park, Farm Saturday-Wednesday, then Wed-Fri it was work, home, dinner, Farm, park…

Not that I mind, it’s repetitious but Joss loves this latest routine and all this fresh air and running has yielded some good lie-ins!

Blog and Inspiration

Rolling these two together this week, I treated myself to Mollie Makes Blogging because I couldn’t get to Britmums (boo!) I was glad I had a voucher as £9.99 for a mag is a lot but I’ve dipped into it all week!


I love Mollie Makes and blogged about the shoeclips I made with my latest kit, I loooove them!


Do you regularly buy any magazines for inspiration?

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2 thoughts on “Mumslist feat Mollie Makes Blogging

  1. Firstly, why do piglets have to grow? One of life’s real cruelties (but then I guess if they didn’t then we wouldn’t have bacon, or belly pork, or ham, or chorizo, or any of those other wonderful pig creations – I realise i’ve gone a bit too far)

    Secondly, this magazine looks really, really cool. The girls on the front are from a blog I sometimes read and I can’t remember what it’s called – what?! But anyway, yes. I want that magazine. I tend to read (if at all) The Week and that often gives me inspiration – more because I’m doing something else, so I’m not forcing ideas.

    Your shoe clips are amazing! xxx

  2. I only get Gurgle, Mother & Baby and Red (thanks to a Christmas gift subscription) now. If it weren’t for Red I wouldn’t know there was anything going on in the world other than pregnancy and newborns!


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