Nursery Trader VIP Membership Competition

Nursery Trader’s Bump to Toddler competition runs just three times a year and is the biggest competition of its kind in the children’s industry. It is supported by companies both large and small and offers the winner the opportunity to win over £6k worth of baby and toddler gear – everything from baby carriers to pushchairs, changing bags to toddler suitcases, nappies to clothing vouchers and much more. There really is something for everyone.

The latest competition is close to my heart, featuring cloth nappies from Fuzzibunz and slings from Beco and Moby. I think my favourite prize would have to be the Beco doll carrier, perfect for roleplaying little ones! It runs throughout the month of October and closes at 23:59 on 31st October – the winner is drawn on 1st November – an amazing early Christmas present for someone!


The competition is open to all UK residents – Nursery Trader VIPs get 100 automatic entries into the competition so they don’t even have to fill the form in! NT VIP costs just £6 a year (less than 13p a week) and gives automatic entry into this and all competitions for 12 months, a £5 voucher for the PT shop, access to exclusive discount codes plus the ability to apply to test products for NT and join their ‘Living with’ team.
I have five of these VIP passes to give away, enter with my rafflecopter form below!

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Note: UK entries only, winners will be notified by email within 24 hours of competition closing, NT is responsible for actioning prize passes and there is no cash alternative.

Silent Sunday after the Saturday that wasn’t silent…


I need words for Silent Sunday this week, this photo was taken yesterday, would you believe just five minutes before this we experienced a mammoth toddler tantrum, the first really really big one outside the home?

Hmm, let’s see, I look a little flushed from the embarrassment and Mr B is keeping a close eye on the situation, but Joss, like nothing had happened, “nothing to see here folks! Just a baby enjoying icecream…”

You know that saying, my child is not giving me a hard time, my child is having a hard time? Yeah, that! Except Joss wasn’t having a hard time anymore and had a bear wafer.

I think we handled it well anyway, if a bit embarrassed it was over before it started and we all had some ice cream to cool off!

Arts and Crafts at The Laing Art Gallery

A short photo post today as I’ve been at work and am feeling a bit tired! This week Joss and I had a lovely afternoon out at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle, and looking back at my photos got me thinking that we don’t do enough art at home, mainly because we haven’t really got any materials since her last round of crayon eating, when she was probably that bit too young. She really enjoyed the light boxes, and the pots and pots of pencils, crayons and pens, lots to explore and lots of colours.
The Quentin Blake pictures on the walls were also a big hit, this little one looks like our Tobydog! I adore Quentin Blake’s illustrations so it was a treat for me too!
I have tasked myself with buying a few supplies this weekend, some pencils and pens and a piece of plastic sheeting, to compliment the paints and bits and bobs we do have at home, something to do on a rainy day, I think I’ll get some catalogues and photos too, so that we can have some themed sessions, as she loved the dogs at the Laing I think we’ll start with a ‘puppies’ theme! Photos from our sessions to follow over the coming weeks!

Small Steps Amazing Achievements – Animals!

A short photo post this week, Joss is wanting to walk more and more and it was so sweet to take her to see the animals at the Farm at the end of our street this week, we go all the time, but as she’s gaining confidence I’m learning to let her look and touch and not be so worried about her getting hurt or falling over!

Hello bunnies!


Allow me to shine a light on your darkness! My experience of SAD or low winter mood

Joss and I popped out last night at 6:30, we went to the shops and came back at 7pm and our walk back looked like this (but less fuzzy, you try pushing a pram full of shopping and taking a photo!):


And yesterday, a dull and grey day, was like this:


Most people find it harder to get going in the winter, the days get shorter, as does the hours of sunlight and whether its the lack of melatonin/seratonin or the body’s circadian rhythm (your body uses the sun to time various important biological processes, including your mood, sleep, appetite, digestion and energy levels) it can leave us all feeling a bit, well, blah.

A few years ago I started to notice a pattern and so did my GP, during the winter I’d suffer from low mood and irritability, oversleeping and finding it hard to get started for the day. I have tried lots of things to combat this, lots of healthy food and getting out for walks during the day makes a difference, I love a crisp walk in the snow because of how the light reflects, but nothing has had as much of an impact as my lightbox. I pop it on for a few hours a day, it took some time to get used to it, not least of all because I have to avoid mirrors when it is in the room as it’s not a terribly flattering light, but the strong lights mimic that of the summer sun and for me it has made a difference to my mood. I get it out of the cupboard in October and it stays here until February. The blog post title is something Mr B says to me when I’ve forgotten to use the light for a day or two, I do sometimes need a reminder, but I now pop it on whilst blogging, doing uni work or cleaning the kitchen so it’s become a bit of a habit. My GP is sympathetic, he likened the dip in mood to hibernation, that humans too have a desire to hole up for winter, and some would rather just bed down and sleep through it until the sun comes out again. Well, as my work and family life is about more than just gathering nuts to see us through the frost that’s not really an option, so a sunlamp, mince and dumplings and hot toddy might have to just do!


So here’s a bit more light after a bit of a grey post, my bright eyed girl in her winter scarf, I do like to wrap up warm, winter woolens, wellies and walks are a great boost alongside the sunlamp!


Do you have any tips for getting through the long dull days?

My handmade Boston Tweed Handbag Part 2

I went back to finish my bag making course today, it was hard work! It was actually really tiring doing a 10 – 4 class, more tiring than a day with a toddler, a work or uni day, and that was really surprising as I normally find craft really relaxing, but this nearly finished me off!

I am utterly delighted with the results though, this tweed fabric colourway is perfect for with my winter parka and really retro which is just right up my street! I like the simple leather straps, they were the hardest part to do actually, I really struggled with the rivets but got there in the end, it also has rivet feet and a hard plastic base to give it a good solid shape.


I am a massive fan of the doctor bag, I like a structured handbag so when the instructor said we’d be using a frame I was really pleased. It’s a little different to what I thought I had signed up for, I imagined an introduction course being about basic sewing, a tote or shopper perhaps, but I’m over the moon with this!