Rain rain go away!

Real Life

What miserable weather! Rain rain go away! Nothing for it but to pull your wellies on and puddle suit and take a dinosaur for a walk!

Here are our top five rainy day activities and not a colouring book in sight!

  1. Grab your waterproofs and hunt for the biggest puddle in your neighhbourhood and jump in it!

  2. Try to find a secret shelter from the rain! Is there a tunnel, underpass or spot under the trees near you? Who knows what you’ll find! P.S. I find cafes make rather good shelters (and rather good cakes come to think of it!)

  3. Make mud pies, yum!

  4. Grab a brolly and sing in the rain – incy wincy spider or rain rain go away should do it

  5. Go on a wiggly worm hunt!


Blog life

I’m running a small giveaway on Facebook to try to drum up more page likes, will let you know how it goes next week!

I have some lovely review posts and a blog competition coming up soon which I’m really excited about.


I have returned to crochet, I can only dream of making something as good as this crochet tweed iPad case by Gemma Garner, it’s so blooming perfect I could cry, but seeing it inspired me to pick up my hook again!

And if this isn’t the gosh darned nicest big girl’s room I have ever seen don’t know what is! I am thinking of a bedroom re-do for Joss so this is my inspiration!

- See more at: http://mumsdays.com/#sthash.I1YtfFDQ.dpuf

3 thoughts on “Rain rain go away!

  1. That photo of Joss is LUSH, she looks sooo happy. I need to get Reuben a rain suit…can you believe he doesn’t have one? Yes, I suppose you can. But it would be great to have still been able to get out during the rain last week!

    When I was a kid I used to love going out after it had rained to collect snails. I’d put them in a bucket, then put them back in after they had climbed (slithered?) out. I could spend hours (in kid time) doing that!

    Thanks for linking #MumsList xxx

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