Dressing a toddler for summer outdoors

With a fair haired girl I am really sun safety conscious, I prefer to stay in the shade myself but with an inquisitive tot it’s hard to avoid sometimes.

1) We both layer up with factor 50 and top up through the day especially after we’ve been in water

2) Hats are a must, protecting sensitive scalps, fine hair and keeping the sun out of little eyes…


3) …As with sunglasses. You can get stretchy straps to make sure they stay on, Joss lifts hers up a lot but generally they stay on if the sun is bright


4) Go for layers and try to keep them covered up


5) Go for comfort, I love these Polarn O Pyret leggings, comfy, light weight and with knee patches for my frequent faller!


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4 thoughts on “Dressing a toddler for summer outdoors

  1. Very helpful post. In winter I worry if the kids warm in enough. In summer I sometimes still dress them too warm. Coming from an hot country every cool breeze makes me think I should cover up :0) Thanks for the tip on the leggings! Good to know.

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