What’s the story – weeeeeeeeeee!

This photo really makes me smile, my girl is growing up so fast.

For weeks Joss has been going down the slide at the park holding my hand, at first she was wary, and then I’ve been too nervous to let go, I probably am a bit ‘helicopter’ but hey, she’s my first baby and I only have one pair of hands. This weekend we visited a local park and with Daddy at the top an me at the bottom to help her down she made the descent alone, and what a brave big girl she was, it was a big old slide and her grin says it all really!


10 thoughts on “What’s the story – weeeeeeeeeee!

  1. so cute!!! lovely picture. One of mine used to be so scared on slides, he just wouldn’t go at all! then one day after he turned two he suddenly got his confidence and loves it now. so weird, its like it just clicked with him not to be so scared!

  2. I was exactly the same with Ethan, I was always holding onto him until one day when Daddy came along too. I think it’s hard not to be a bit of a helicopter sometimes!

  3. What a great photo, I totally understand how you feel. I always come back from the park a nervous wreck. I can’t wait to hear how adventurous she now gets so that she has mastered this slide.

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