Things I like…frugality!

Oh I can get myself so excited about a bargain! January is the frugal month, and we’re in a very frugal period as a family as I’m no longer being paid for my final three months maternity leave. Aside from planning to love every minute I don’t want to be fretting about depleting our savings. We’re long term Aldi and Poundland shoppers but have gotten savvy by using the MealPlanner app on my tablet and sticking to it is saving a whopping £30 a week.

An amusing ‘invest to save’ stance has been taken on treats and wine (shhh!), buying in bulk in Aldi to stock up the treat cupboard to prevent those PMT trips to the local convenience shops! I’ve found their rich tea biscuits and jaffa cakes, and Poundland’s excellent bags of Matlow Swizzels treats have fallen onto the weekly ‘essentials’ list – everyone needs a little pick me up, right?

Finally, we’ve planned two ‘no spend’ weekends which is a great achievement and makes me feel a little glow of pride as I’d love for our little girl to be money savvy and we’re starting off family life on the right footing!

One thought on “Things I like…frugality!

  1. Good idea on the spend free weekends, I think we just get lazy and look to the cash to alleviate our boredom when a walk or a bike ride would make us feel a lot better. I must have a look for that app – sounds good

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