As promised we reviewed some of Munchkin’s teething products and Joss chose a clear favourite, you can read more here http://www.munchkin.eu.com/munchkin-news/munchkin-mummies/what-if-she-just-doesnt-have-any-teeth

About a year ago I sadly had to stop breastfeeding my gorgeous girl, I had postnatal depression and wasn’t coping well, support to continue was few and far between and I think I might blog about my experiences soon. I decided to take something positive from my experiences and decided to get my first tattoo, empowering and out of character I wanted to mark her birth and our early experiences in a special way, and chose lily of the valley, her birth month flower, on the base of my spine. One year on my lily of the valley is flowering and I feel much more positive and certain in my role as a Mam, something that I didn’t think I’d ever feel back then, I still look at others and think “they just seem to get it and it’s clicked for them” and it didn’t click for me for a while, Motherhood is a journey, as my blog title reflects and seeing this lovely flowering plant reminded me of the new chapter we’re embarking on with a crawling giggly girl.


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