Cupboard refit at last

Heads up folks, this is not going to be a pretty before and after but it’s a blooming practical one!

I have found this cupboard both invaluable and a pain, its the only real storage space we have, yet it was cut in half by a useless shelf which made it difficult to organise. This means its been rammed full of stuff and difficult to get into, dark and potentially spidery, *shudder!*


With everything taken out it looks like this:


Today we had it refitted and I’m so pleased with the difference a few small changes have made, there’s a light which we’ve never had, as it’s impossible to see anything in here after about 3pm! Four shelves make good use of the sloping space, and new boxes with clear labeling bought to sit stacked right at the back it will be much easier to get into. So there you have it, not pretty, but practical!



2 thoughts on “Cupboard refit at last

  1. We have two very useless cupboards like this and they really need ripping out! One is an old boiler cupboard and it has the old ceramic chimney in it that we can’t get out! Lol

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